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Which is the Best Burger in Plymouth?

Which is the Best Burger in Plymouth?
  • PublishedSeptember 21, 2023

Burger fans are not short of a choice of places to eat in Plymouth. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that we have literally some of the best burgers this side of London right here in Plymouth, no joke. But which is the best burger in Plymouth?

From national and international franchises, to independent joints and great pubs, picking the best place to chow down on a burger and fries in Plymouth can be a challenge.

But… In the name of research, we’ve gone out and found what we reckon are the best burgers in Plymouth.

1. Zephyr Burgers, Drake Circus

If you love a burger, then you need to get to know these guys. Their burgers might just be the best burgers in the UK, never mind in Plymouth. No joke – they actually won an award for their burger skills.

They make their own burger sauce, and they keep it deceptively simple. Oh and their veggie and vegan burger options are also excellent. And to make matters even more complicated, they’ve also started doing chicken burgers too which as just as top notch as the beef options.

You’ll find their restaurant at the bottom of North Hill, just next to the Roundbout pub. With some of the best reviews for burgers in Plymouth, Zephyr are well worth dropping in for what will probably be the best burger of your life.

Check out Zephyr Burgers website or order yours on Deliveroo.

Is Zephyr the best burger in Plymouth?

2. Bombay Burger Kitchen, Bretonside

This hole in the wall take out is a definite choice for one of the best burgers in Plymouth if you love some Indian food too. With their Bollywood themed interior and some tongue tingling flavour combos, we think BBK smashes it in the burger stakes.

The Flamin’ Raja is the star of the show (for me at least), with the naga sauce. Yes, it’s HOT, but OMG is it delicious. For those who like their Indian a little milder, the Bombay Badboy or Bombay Smash are also top notch.

Oh and for veggies, their Veggie Bai is probably the best veggie burger in Plymouth (possibly the UK), hands down. Not vegan unfortunately, but fans of paneer will be in heaven here. In fact, even as a meat fan, I think the Veggie Bai is one of the best burgers in Plymouth hands down.

In fact BBK even gets onto our best Indian restaurants in Plymouth list too….

Pop into their shop on Bretonside for take out, or order on Just Eat. Check out the Bombay Burger Kitchen website.

3. Hubbox, Royal William Yard

It’s not just burgers from this growing Westcountry burger chain. Hubbox dish up tasty treats such as loaded fries, hot dogs, wings, small plates, cocktails and… Oh yes, burgers.

Their signature burgers come loaded with trimmings. And their vegan and veggie options are top notch too. While they have lots of great options, and we do think they’re a contender for best burgers in Plymouth, we do think they’re quite pricey. In fact, of all the burgers on this list, these guys have probably the steepest prices with prices starting from £12.95 for a standard classic cheese burger. That’s more even than Brewdog!

But if you want a great burger at Royal William Yard, head on down to Hubbox.

Check out their website for more info.

4. Brewdog, The Barcode

Beer and a burger? Forget about Wetherspoons! Yes, you’ll pay a bit more for both the beer and the burger, but have you seen them? Brewdog Burgers certainly look incredibly mouth watering and they definitely deliver.

Not only that, their veggie and vegan options deliver in a big way too. Definitely one to have on the list of best burgers in Plymouth… Get your money’s worth with 2 for one on veggie and vegan Mondays, or wings wednesday. Book in advance though as it does fill up.

As for the beer? Theres lots of great offers on tap, and if you’re going alcohol free then you’ll find some great tipples too. Obviously.

5. Salumi, 18 Millbay Road

In a slightly tired corner of Millbay sits Salumi. But this is actually one of the best eateries in the city and… They do an incredible burger too.

If you’re looking for a ‘posh’ sit down with some simply indulgent food, Salumi is a great option. Book in advance as it’s not a big venue and they can get very popular.

What about the burger? You get a stack with an onion ring, incredible relish and all the trimmings. In fact, when it arrives you’ll have that “How the hell am I gonna fit that in?” moment. Highly recommended.

Check out their website here to make a booking or order takeaway.

6. Dimpsy’s Diner, Mayflower Street

Veggies and vegans rejoice! American themed Dimpsy’s diner serves up classic junk food fare in a retro styled setting. All of the menu is plant based, so enjoy your meal safe in the knowledge that it’s animal free.

Dimpsy’s replaces the popular Samphire Brasserie, which was here for several years. However its very much a similar vibe with a bigger and better menu. This is quite possibly the best burger in Plymouth for vegans.

As well as burgers, enjoy a mouthwatering selection of hot dogs, mac and cheese and wings as well as milkshakes, waffles, pancakes and more.

Check out their menu on their website.

7. Kickin’ Caribou, Mutley Plain

Dodgy name. Great burgers. This Canadian themed restaurant specialises in slow cooked meats and the popular poutine (which is basically chips, cheese and gravy). Their ‘burgers’ are actually impressive meat based constructions dripping with fillings.

If you’re looking for a stacked burger that will hit al the right notes, these guys deliver. If you’re looking for the most indulgent burger in Plymouth then this might just be it.

As you might expect, the poutine is also excellent and they have a good choice of veggie and vegan burgers too.

They don’t have a website, but pop into the restaurant on Mutley Plain, or order via Deliveroo.

8. Blues Bar and Grill, The Barbican

Sitting on the Barbican in the summer with a Blues Bar burger is one of life’s pleasures. As the name might suggest, they do a line up of American fare from fried chicken to ribs, and obviously decent burgers too.

A bit of a classic Plymouth haunt too, Blues Bar and Grill is a reliably solid spot for a burger on the Barbican.

9. Tilt, Ebrington Street

To be honest, this place is more about the sliders and the Korean chicken than the burgers. But… They’re definitely worth checking out and dropping in if you want a fun dining experience. They mostly do small plates such as tacos, chicken and those burger sliders.

And they are delicious too.

Check out their menu or order online.

Honourable Mentions

There are a few Plymouth burger options that need mentioning, but might not necessarily be described as ‘the best burger in Plymouth’. These are reliably decent pubs and some classic spots too.

  • Cap’n Jaspers, The Barbican – This local institution serves up ol’ fashioned greasy burgers and bacon baps. It’s a Plymouth right of passage to get a Jasperizer while someone revs a motorbike next to you.
  • Crispys, Armada Way – Chain restaurant, several steps above Maccas.
  • Five Guys, The Barcode – American burger chain. Better than MacDonalds.
  • The Maritime, Barbican – Pub on the corner in the Barbican. Good pub food including decent burgers.
  • Boston Tea Party, The Barbican – Breakfast restaurant that also does some great burgers.

Where’s your fave burger in Plymouth? Let us know in the comments below….

Header image from Zephyr Burgers Instagram account

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