Fans of meat in bread are not short of choice in Plymouth. We’ve got tons of choice for burgers right here, but which is the best burger in Plymouth?

It’s a tough call, and one we’re going to try to answer right here.

1. Zephyr Burgers

If you love a burger, then you need to get to know these guys. Their burgers might just be the best burgers in the UK, never mind in Plymouth.

They make their own burger sauce, and they keep it deceptively simple. Oh and their veggie and vegan burger options are also excellent.

Check out Zephyr Burgers website and on Deliveroo.

2. Five Guys

Yes, they’re a chain. But actually, Fiver Guys steals into the list of best burgers in Plymouth because they’re right in town (in the barcode to be precise) and they really do give it to you your way.

One of the fun things about Five Guys burgers is you can literally have what you want. Packed full of extras? Or just meat and cheese? Get your chops around a Five Guys.

3. Brewdog

Beer and a burger? Forget about Wetherspoons! Yes, you’ll pay a bit more for both the beer and the burger, but have you seen them? Brewdog Burgers certainly look incredibly mouth watering and they definitely deliver.

Not only that, their veggie and vegan options deliver in a big way too. Definitely one to have on the list of best burgers in Plymouth…

As for the beer? Theres lots of great offers on tap, and if you’re going alcohol free, you even get a free top up! (during veganuary, aka January 2022) What’s not to like?

4. Salumi

In a slightly tired corner of Millbay sits Salumi. But this is actually one of the best eateries in the city and… They do an incredible burger too.

If you’re looking for a ‘posh’ sit down with some simply indulgent food, Salumi is a great option. Book in advance as it’s not a big venue and they can get very popular.

What about the burger? You get a stack with an onion ring, incredible relish and all the trimmings. In fact, when it arrives you’ll have that “How the hell am I gonna fit that in?” moment. Highly recommended.

Check out their website here to make a booking or order takeaway.

5. Hubbox

Great junk food from this local chain. Hubbox deliver tasty treats such as loaded fries, hot dogs, wings and… Oh yes, burgers.

Their signature burgers come loaded with trimmings. And their vegan and veggie options are top notch too.

Currently (jan 2022) their venue on Old Town Street is closed for refurbishment, so keep your eyes peeled. However they do have a new location in the Royal William Yard. Top grade burgers for sure!

6. Samphire Brasserie

This vegan only restaurant has become a firm favourite in the city’s junk food scene. With their entire menu plant based, vegans rejoice that they can order anything off the menu. But even meat eaters will be happy with the options.

There is a ‘standard’ burger, a ‘no chicken’ burger and even a meatball burger! Top notch plant based stuff.

Where’s your fave burger in Plymouth? Let us know in the comments below….

Header image from Zephyr Burgers Instagram account