Plymouth’s Zephyr Burgers Into Finals of National Burger Awards

Plymouth’s Zephyr Burgers Into Finals of National Burger Awards
  • PublishedMarch 9, 2022

Plymouth favourite Zephyr Burgers have climbed rapidly on the city’s food scene since launching in 2020. And as if to underline their top quality burger credentials, they’ve made it into the finals if the National Burger Awards.

Held on 20th April 2022 in London, the prestigious event pits the best of the nations burger flippers against each other. And no, you won’t be seeing Maccy D’s or Five Guys there.

The finalists (and the burgers being flipped) are:

  • Bleecker
    Double Cheeseburger 
  • Bohns Best Burgers
    Rump Rub Burger 
  • Burger & Lobster
    Original Burger 
  • Burger Shop
    Burger Shop Classic 
  • Danny’s Burgers
    The Beef Chucky 2.0 
  • Dirty Bones
    Reverse Truffle Cheeseburger
  • Fridays UK
    Towering Inferno – Double Stack 
  • Hache
    Steak Canadien 
  • Hills
    Mustard BBQ Brisket Burger
  • Meat Meets Bun Ltd
    The Black & Blue
  • MEATliquor
    Cheeseburger, Deep Fried Cheese, Bread and Butter Pickles, Beef Fat Burger Sauce
  • Sixes
    Beefy Botham Burger
  • Squeezed
    The Nimzo 
  • Stripclub Streetfood
    The Truffle Drip 
  • That Burger Place
    California Dreaming 
  • Zephyr Burgers

If you’re a fan of burgers, this will be meat heaven.

Zephyr Burgers founder Oz Harborth said in a post on Facebook, “Can’t believe we’ve made it to the finals of the National Burger Awards! We’ll be up against some of my OG burger faves on the 20th April in London. What a fucking buzzz!”

So as you can see he’s very stoked for it.

Speaking to Oz directly, he added, “Bleecker Burgers are one companies that inspired me to start making burgers in the first place. When I was living in London, I’d make a point of crossing town to get one of their Double Black burgers. So to be going up against them in a national competition is both an honour and a total thrill.”

If you want to go and cheer on Oz and the team, you can register your interest for tickets here.

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