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If you want to contact the Devon Herald for any reason, drop us a message on email or via our Twitter account.

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Got tips and an insider view?

We’re always looking for interesting news and information that may be of interest to our readers.

This includes:

  • Events in Devon, UK
  • Events in Plymouth, UK
  • Events in Exeter, UK
  • News from Devon, UK
  • News from Plymouth, Exeter, West Devon, North Devon, Paignton & Torbay, UK
  • Updates to products or services related to Devon, UK
  • Whats happening in Devon
  • Whats happening in Plymouth
  • Whats happening in Exeter

Guest authors

Want to write for us? We’re currently looking for guest authors who can provide regular and relevant content for our site.

If you are:

A fluent English speaker

Based in the UK, or at the very least familiar with the Devon region

Interested in writing regular content about life in Devon or Cornwall

Then feel free to get in touch. If you meet the requirements then we will issue you a free author account so that you can post on our site as you wish.

Submissions/guest posts/write for us

We are happy to receive guest posts, so long as they are relevant to our audience. Our target demographic is based in the UK, between the ages of 20-35, interested in outdoors living and living a quality lifestyle in Devon and Cornwall.

We like content that is funny, amusing, engaging, slightly biting or edgy, or even outright controversial.

Think sites like Vice, BuzzFeed, The Daily Mash and Vox.

We’re not interested in stuffy and generic content marketing, so if you can’t make your content engaging and fun, we’re not for you.

Subjects that we are happy to host on our site include:

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and social media
  • Events and whats happening in Devon and Cornwall
  • Product reviews for a UK audience
  • Travel and tourism for a UK audience
  • Opinion on subjects relevant to a UK audience
  • Finance including money matters, investing, cryptocurrency and thrifty living
  • Music, arts and other related subjects
  • Sports and outdoors living
  • Home improvement and property/real estate for a UK audience

Please note we are not interested in adult, casino/gambling or subjects unrelated to the UK market.

We ask that all content is written for the reader base listed above and is at least 700 words.

Backlinks are allowed, although we ask that there are relevant to the piece and not obviously promotional. Excessive links may be edited so we ask you to keep them focused and relevant.

Ready to get started? Just email us at:

hello [at]


A note for link builders: Yes all our guest posts are permanent, do-follow backlinks. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate and content can be adapted as necessary – meaning we may change the title, subheadings or images if we think it is more beneficial for the article.

However, please note that content that is obviously promotional, badly written or irrelavent to our audience will be rejected.