The 12 Best Sports Experiences in Devon You Need To Try

The 12 Best Sports Experiences in Devon You Need To Try
  • PublishedMarch 28, 2022

With so much of the great outdoors, there is absolutely tons of opportunity to experience sports in Devon. So if you’re looking for some inspirtation, as we move towards the spring months, we’ve taken a look at the top Devon sports to get your teeth into.

1. Mountain biking

There is so much opportunity for mountain biking in Devon, especially on Dartmoor or into the Tamar Valley and the Dart Valley. Haldon Forest is a particular hotspot for mountain biking in Devon, or check out Tamar Trails near Tavistock.

2. Surfing

If you haven’t been surfing, do you even live in Devon? We’ve got some of the best surf spots in the country at Croyde, Woolacombe and, on the south coast, around Bigbury, Challaborough and Bantham. Yes you will need a wetsuit, pretty much all year round… But prepare to feel the buzz on this super fun Devon sport.

3. Stand up paddleboard

You can’t skim a stone in Devon without hitting a paddleboarder. Such is the ubiquity of SUP, or stand up paddleboarding, that in the summer months the sea is often dotted with SUP’ers. But there is a good reason for that. It’s fun, pretty easy and a great way to explore the Devon coast. Best spots for SUP in Devon include Torbay, Bigbury/Burgh Island, Dartford and Salcombe.

Check out our guide to the best budget stand up paddle boards in the UK.

Stand up paddle boarding is one of Devon's most popular sports

4. Wild swimming

Yes wild swimming is ‘just swimming’. But there is a huge movement of wild swimmers, which generally means going to enjoy a swim around a picturesque spot in almost all weathers. Wild swimmers tend to cover bigger distances than casual swimmers. Swimming in cold water is good for you too, just ask Wim Hof.

5. Orienteering

More than just a walk… Orienteering means navigating across terrain, usually over fairly big distances. Dartmoor and Exmoor are popular spots for orienteering,. You’ll need to be able to read a map and be pretty fit because this Devon sport gets pretty intense at times.

6. Skateboarding

You might have noticed that skateboarding has become much more popular since the pandemic. In fact, it’s estimated that the Olympics also had an effect on the popularity of this ‘cool’ sport, which a much wider demographic taking up skateboarding. And as an accessible solo sport it is also a lot of fun. The Hoe in Plymouth is packed full of skateboarders on a sunny day – so grab a longboard, cruiser or trick board and try out your skills.

7. Windsurfing

Considering the weather in Devon, this sport is always strangely underrepresented. But if you want to go windsurfing in Devon, there are plenty of places you can try. From Teignmouth and Paignton, to Woolacombe and Croyde.

8. Running

Probably the most accessible sport – running or jogging is fantastic fun in Devon. With so much incredible terrain, you’ll want to run for miles. Whether it’s following a course across the moors, jogging the coast path or through one of our gorgeous towns, running is a true Devon sport.

9. Fishing

Cast your line into the sea, one of our many rivers, or inland waterways. All year round you’ll be able to enjoy fishing in Devon, you could catch bass, mackerel, an assortment of rays, eels and even cod. For the best catch, jump in a boat and enjoy a days fishing – or simply find a spot with a view of the sea and see what bites…. Inland waters offer perch, trout and salmon.

10. Road biking

For those who like to don the lycra and get some speed up, road biking is a great Devon sport. We have cycleways stretching across the county making it easy to explore by bike.

11. Horse riding

Fun with the fillies is definitely a top sport to enjoy in Devon. There are a number of stables across the county where you can take horse riding lessons and enjoy sightseeing while you’re at it.

12. Sailing

Always wanted to try sailing? Devon is the place to test your sailing skills. Plymouth, Exmouth and Torquay all have multiple options to take lessons or hire boats and get out onto the sea. A thrilling way to explore Devon and a must do sport at least once in your life….

Oh and seeing as we have the best coastline in the UK, what better way to explore?

So if you want to experience some of the best lifestyle options in Devon, check out one of these fab fun sports!

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