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The Rise of Online Eyewear Retail: Revenue and Market Share Insights in the UK

The Rise of Online Eyewear Retail: Revenue and Market Share Insights in the UK
  • PublishedJuly 11, 2023

The eyewear market in the UK has experienced significant transformation over the past decade. As the digital revolution reshapes consumer behaviour, online eyewear retailers are seeing impressive growth in both revenue and market share. This article delves into the current state of the online glasses market and discusses its promising future.

Growth in Revenue

As of 2023, the revenue from online eyewear sales in the UK continues to display a promising upward trajectory. According to industry reports, the online segment accounted for £370 million in revenue in 2020, a figure that has shown consistent growth year on year.

Several factors contribute to this growing revenue. Notably, increased internet penetration and the rise in digital literacy across all age groups have made consumers more comfortable with online shopping. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, as many turned to online shopping during lockdowns when traditional brick-and-mortar stores were closed.

Expanding Market Share

In terms of market share, online glasses retailers are carving out an increasingly significant slice of the pie. While traditional opticians and high-street retailers still command the lion’s share, the online segment’s portion is growing steadily.

As of 2023, online sales account for approximately 20% of the total eyewear market in the UK. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years, driven by factors such as the continued growth of e-commerce, improvements in virtual try-on technology, and the rising consumer demand for convenient and cost-effective shopping options.

Key Players and Competitive Landscape

The online eyewear market in the UK is characterised by a mix of pure online players and traditional retailers with a digital presence. Companies like Glasses Direct and Mister Spex are leading the way as digital-only brands, while Specsavers and Vision Express represent traditional retailers who have embraced online sales.

The competition is intense, with brands vying for market share through competitive pricing, extensive product ranges, innovative virtual try-on technology, and excellent customer service. This competitiveness is a boon for consumers, who reap the benefits of greater choice, lower prices, and improved shopping experiences.

The Future of Online Eyewear Retail

Looking ahead, the online eyewear market in the UK shows no signs of slowing down. As more consumers discover the convenience and cost savings associated with buying glasses online, the sector’s revenue and market share are projected to continue growing.

Advancements in technology, like improved augmented reality for virtual try-ons and AI-powered style recommendations, are set to further enhance the online shopping experience. This, combined with the potential for greater personalisation and the integration of tele-optometry services, makes the future of online eyewear retail in the UK incredibly promising.

Final Notes

The landscape of the eyewear industry in the UK is changing, with online glasses retailers gaining ground in both revenue and market share.

As technology continues to evolve and consumer habits shift, the rise of online eyewear retail is a trend that’s set to continue well into the future. For consumers and industry players alike, these are exciting times in the world of eyewear.

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