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Plymouth Jobs? Nah – Make Your Own

Plymouth Jobs? Nah – Make Your Own
  • PublishedJuly 26, 2021

If you’re looking for a job in Plymouth, sure you could apply to work for any number of places. There’s always hospitality, nursing and care, probably some marketing and most likely some retail. But why do that when you can set up your own business and, y’know, work your own hours. Be your own boss…

Easier said than done?

Actually, these days, thanks to the ol’ interweb, it’s easier than it’s ever been to work from home, set up as a sole trader or do some online freelancing. That might be as a main job or a side hustle.

Great. But… What can you do as a stay-at-home, freelance making 10k a day (or whatever those click bait work from home job offers say)?

First up, we’ll have a look at:

What to avoid

So I mentioned those scammy 10k work from home job offers. Yeah avoid those. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam or something.

MLM or multi-level marketing is one of those types of jobs. You normally pay to join up and sell a product that has dubious value. If a friend is signing you up to work as ‘part of my team’, for some sort of sales based role, ask lots of questions and be dubious.

These types of MLM jobs are pretty much a slipperly slope that will result in you hustling to get more people to sign up to sell a useless product because thats the business model.

Also avoid anything where you need to pay to start working. You should NEVER need to pay anyone to start earning money – instant scam. The exception to this is if YOU choose to start doing a course to improve your employment chances. Then, y’know fair game.

Although surveys and paid to click apps might sound like easy money, they’re not sustainable long term. Avoid focusing on these types of roles.

OK, enough of that. These are our best create your own job ideas in Plymouth and Devon

1. Custom artwork

Any good with a pot of paint? Art work can be a great way to earn a living online, if you have the skills to stand out. List your work on Etsy, Instagram and probably Facebook – among others.

2. Catering/food stand

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that good choice of food delivery places is essential for modern living. Got an idea for a catering biz? You can work from home or from a pop-up location to start with. And you’ll need your food hygiene certificates. But a street food business can be one of the best make your own job ideas.

Moreover, investing in a food hygiene course like will significantly decrease the risk of foodborne illnesses, ultimately protecting your customers and your business reputation. Proper training ensures that your staff understand the importance of food safety and adhere to best practices. This knowledge is invaluable for maintaining a clean and safe working environment in the food industry.

3. Fitness coaching

Are you the sporty and fit type? Good with people? You might be the ideal profile for a freelance fitness coach. People love to get fit, but you’d be surprised how many people have no idea where to start. Take a few coaching lessons and set up as a freelance personal trainer or sport coach.

4. Childminder

With the rise of work from home, more and more people are in need of a childminder. It might be a role where you look after them a home, or you might need to look after them a your house or a specific location. There is a bit of training for this so read up first, but this can be a fun job you can set up yourself.

5. Gardener

In the South West, there are plenty of people with gardens that need looking after. Weeding, landscaping, general maintenance and clearing are all typical jobs of a gardener – and it can be hard to find a reliable one. There is a bit of equipment needed for this job, and you will also need a van. But you can start small and build on your offering from there.

6. Cleaner

Cleaning is one of those dirty jobs that a lot of people will happily pay someone else to do. And why not you? You don’t need much to get started with this job, except some cleaning equipment and your own passion for keeping it neat and tidy.

7. Blogger/writer

You might be aware of the fact that blogging and copywriting is in big demand at the moment. If you’re looking for a work from home job with good earning potential, this is an area to consider. Of course you’ll need to be a passionate writer and able to write on a variety of subjects, but if you’re looking for a good job you can really make your own, look into this.

8. Digital marketing

OK, this is a huge field and one that is very much in demand at the moment. However you can get specific if you want to make your own job in digital marketing. You could specialise in Facebook Ads, social media management or a whole range of roles. Digital marketing is also an industry with a huge growth potential.

9. Outdoor activities guide

Plymouth and Devon are in the enviable position of being perfectly placed for outdoor activities. And… People are happy to pay to do those outdoor activities. From mountain biking to paddle boarding or surfing, if you’ve got some skills you could be an insider for people looking to enjoy our beautiful region. Oh and you will need some equipment too.

10. Clothing & jewelery design

Another result of the pandemic is that people are more aware of sustainable shopping. And that often means shopping closer to home. Clothing and jewelery is one of those things that people are happy to buy from local artisans, which could mean you. Make your own job as a clothing designer or jeweler and see where it takes you.

11. Buying and selling

With eBay, Facebook marketplace and other platforms, buying and selling items online can be very lucrative. Source items from our local region and sell them to an international audience at a markup. A great way to create your own job with very little startup capital.

12. Online teacher

Did you know you can teach online? Try teaching English, or any other skills that you’re trained in, online. You can also create courses and sell them via platforms like Udemy.

13. YouTuber or Influencer

Yeah yeah, if you’re under 30 you probably don’t think this is a real job. In fact, if you have the skills to be on camera and you can think of a niche then this is a very real possibility. Although Instagram and YouTube are the most popular, you can also think outside of the box and be a Linkedin influencer (you’ll need to have a B2B focus though) or TikTok.

14. OnlyFans Model

A controversial inclusion. But… A very real option for many. Yes this basically means you’ll be marketing yourself as a freelance pornstar, but the money can be incredible. If you think this is for you (girls or guys), then why the hell not. It does take time to build a following, but you can join the ranks of the successful OnlyFans models from Plymouth/Devon.

15. Painter & decorator

We’re going back to the more traditional jobs here now and yes, painer and decorator can be a great job to start yourself. You do need to have some skills as a painter, as it’s harder than it looks. And you might also need some general home decore skills, such as being able to put up a shelf. But this can be a great earner.

16. Dog walker/sitter

A very easy job to make yourself, as you don’t need any startup capital or equipment. You will need liability insurance though and probably some experience looking after dogs. But, if you want a job in Plymouth you can make yourself, this might be the easiest startup option.

Some things to bear in mind (and resources)

Although these easy business ideas can be a good way to make your own job, many of them take time to be successful. It takes effort to find clients and keep a consistent income rolling in. But if you deliver quality results, you could be doing fine before you know it.

For most jobs that involve working with the public, you’ll most likely need insurance. Public liability insurance is the most common, but check before you start trading.

It’s also a good idea to get some sort of training or certification before you strat trading. This can help people’s trust in your abilities. LearnDevon offer 200 free courses to help entrepreneurs in the region.

Sounds like a lot of hard work? Check out our list of relatively easy high paying jobs.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on with your own job in Plymouth.

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