Men’s Outfits To Wear This Summer

Men’s Outfits To Wear This Summer
  • PublishedMay 19, 2022

Right lads, it is officially summer so get your outfit ready, well sort of. According to the calendar, it starts mid-way through June but in all honesty, it has started with us already. The temperature is way above average, in the UK anyway and I have been spotted wearing t-shirts and shorts multiple times now. 

When it comes to the summer months, you want to wear something that helps you keep cool throughout the day. However, when working in the office, it isn’t as simple as wearing shorts with a tee sadly. But if you want to discover some new arrivals; key pieces that will build on and complement your foundational wardrobe, just check out a good shop like TAILORED ATHLETE for some best preferences!

Here is a quick guide on all of the outfits that you should be wearing this summer whilst remaining fashionable. 

T-Shirt and Chinos Outfit

Do you remember in the early 10s when chino jeans were the common fashion trend for men? They soon went out of fashion but now they have made a return in the early 20s, well sort of. Chino pants are the new trend and they are the perfect material for the summer months. A nice thin pair of pants are great for this time of year so this is something that you should buy. For the colour, that is completely up to you however, please stay away from vibrant colours, they are awful. 

For your t-shirt, that all depends on the colour of your pants, we would recommend that you wear simple colours such as black, navy white or a light grey. You can even go with soft pastel colours if you want to spice it up a bit. Complete the look with a pair of white canvas or trainers and you have got your simple yet fashionable summer outfit right there. 

Short-Sleeved Shirt With Chinos

Back with the chino pants but this time we recommend that you wear them cropped. Wear either white or soft grey pants for this outfit as they are the more appropriate colours for the office. Short-sleeved shirts are also the go-to when you are in the office. Put those long-sleeved oxford shirts away and start to wear the short-sleeved. For your shoes, wear a pair of leather loafers as these are the most appropriate for the office.

The Summer Wedding Outfit

If one of the boys is getting married this summer, you are going to need a formal outfit. Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than a full suit during the summer months. It is way too sweaty for a full three-piece so avoid this at all costs. However, you are going to need to wear a blazer with this outfit.

This time, we are going to suggest you wear a pair of cropped pants, but not chinos. Again, we suggest that you wear a pair of loafers with this outfit. You must show as much skin as possible so you can breathe. Shirts are a must wear as well as blazers. Make sure that you wear a material that is thin because you are going to be very warm. 

The Beach Outfit

The beach outfit is the easiest one out there so if you struggle with this then you are struggling overall. A beach outfit is a perfect time to be wearing one of those horrendous shirts with the Hawaiian theme. However, if you don’t want to wear that then just wear a basic shirt but roll up those sleeves. Again, make sure that you wear a thin cotton material to keep yourself cool. 

For your shorts, you have a couple of options. The first option is the standard pair of swimming shorts so you can have a dip in the sea whenever you need. The other choice is the dressier style which is Bermuda shorts. These are not waterproof friendly so make sure you are not looking to jump in the sea. A linen shirt, with either a pair of Bermuda or swimming shorts along with a pair of sandals and is your beach outfit. 


There are many outfits that a man can wear during summer. It all depends on the occasion or the event that you are going to. Avoid wearing long-sleeved shirts wherever possible and whip out the short-sleeved shirts. For a more casual outfit, wear a men’s twin set for your casual summer wear.

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