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Tories Still Supported By Mainstream Media Despite Being Awful

Tories Still Supported By Mainstream Media Despite Being Awful
  • PublishedMay 12, 2022

Despite being obliterated in the recent local elections, and having run the country like their own personal piggy bank for the past 12 years, the Tories are still being supported by mainstream media.

By glossing over the never-ending list of shit storms that seem to brew up on an almost daily basis, or by focussing on another non-story, the mainstream media seem to be complicit in the decline of the once Great Britain.

Nowhere is this more evident than in date shit rags the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. Although these somehow still pass for ‘news’ papers, their campaigns of hatred against anyone not from the UK, women or even people FROM the UK, seem to keep their audience convinced that the Conservative Party are still the best for the UK.

And even though Boris Johnson is very obviously the worst Prime Minister in British history, this hasn’t stopped their weirdly unwavering support for him.

It’s almost as if they have a vested interest in the Tory government remaining in power for as long as possible.

To highlight some of the main problems caused by the Tory government in the past 12 years, we have….

  • Brexit (if anyone has a genuine and tangible benefit for Brexit so far, please do share it)
  • The steep decline of the NHS (source)
  • The decline in funding of state schools in the UK (source)
  • Over 800 libraries closed since 2010 (news article)
  • Wealth gap has widened steadily (source)
  • Food banks now deliver over 2.5 million parcels a year, a huge increase from 300,00 since 2010 (source)
  • Cost of living soaring while income stagnates
  • Housing crisis has not been addressed as per Conservative manifesto (source)
  • Scandals just keep piling up…. (Not even going to list them here)
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg has a position in government (FFS)

In short, somehow, the mainstream media continues to back the Tory government despite their tumbling ratings and clear corruption and unsuitability for the job.

But, as the saying goes, countries get the government they deserve. So after voting for Brexit and even voting in the Tories in 4 (or is it more, I forget) consecutive elections, even though they were shit in the first one, it really is our own fault.

Roll on 2025 (or probably sooner if Boris ever gets the hint and steps down).

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