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Heating Up? Sexy Winter Style For Women

Heating Up? Sexy Winter Style For Women
  • PublishedNovember 2, 2021

Just because it’s getting colder and windier, doesn’t mean you have to get boring with your winter fashion. For us women who like to be stylish all year round, and with that sexy element too, winter presents a whole new opportunity.

Yes, long coats, baggy cardigans and scarves are definitely going to be our go-to choice in the coming months. But if you want to wear your winter style with a bit of sass, check out our sexy winter fashion tips.

How to dress sexy this winter?

Some simple tips for women who want to dress sexy in the winter, without freezing their bits off. First of all, flesh on display is for the summer. There is nothing wrong with tights and leggings, or if you really want to turn heads, stockings. Long socks are also an excellent look and go well with those dresses and skirts you might want to wear out.

The material you wear can also have a big influence on your sexy winter outfit. For example, faux leather/PVC or wet-look shiny materials are obvious options.

But don’t underestimate how cute a girl in a thick woolly jumper can look. Thick knit scarves, leather gloves and woolly hats look great with rosy cheeks.

When it comes to footwear, aim for chunky heels, which are less prone to slippages in the ice or wet. And again, the material matters. Patent or leather boots look fab any time of year.

1. Leather look leggings

Shiny leggings or wet look leggings are perfect for a sexy winter look

It’s hard not to look great in leggings, and these are a solid choice for any woman in the winter months. Leather look leggings are both warm and waterproof, not to mention comfortable too.

The good thing about leather look leggings, as well as being a sexy winter fashion item, they can also be suitable for vegans too. With no animals harmed in their production, you can strut your stuff safe in the knowledge that you’re cruelty free too!

2. Fake fur coat

Rock that A-list look with a faux fur coat. You’ll look rosy, cosy and flash too. Faux fur is obviously better when the weather isn’t so wet, but if you’re looking for a cool coat to look hot while out with friends, you need one of these in your wardrobe.

3. Pencil skirt

That fashion fave the pencil skirt is a solid choice for some sizzling hot winter styling. With the figure hugging aesthetic, but keeping you modestly covered, the pencil skirt makes sense as a fashion choice for a sexy winter style.

Another great thing about pencil skirts is that they can be multi-use, perfect for both casual attire and work-wear. A black pencil skirt is definitely a must-add to any womans wardrobe this winter.

4. Over-knee boots

What more can we say? Over the knee boots (OTK boots) have been hot since… well, years now. They’re obviously a very sexy item of fashion footwear, and a guaranteed head turner all year round. But a quality pair of over the knee boots can serve you well in multiple settings.

Sexy winter fashion doesn't come hotter than over the knee boots (OTK boots)

Lunch in town? Check. A night out with the girls? Check. Winter office attire? Absolutely…

Flat heel is great, a chunky heel is sizzling hot – high heels? Oh my word!

We love these chunky heel over knee boots on Amazon.

thigh high boots are sexy and great for winter

The best tip for over knee boots is to invest in a good pair. Although you can pick up over the knee boots in places like Primark, if you really want to look sizzling hot, get a pair of quality over knee leather boots like these from Charles & Keith. They’ll last longer, wear better and be more comfortable. Your feet will thank you for it.

5. Chunky Chelsea boots

Another winter fave. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots and we reckon you’ve probably already got a few in your shoe cupboard. The great thing about Chelsea boots is they literally go with any outfit. From a night out to a trip to the corner shop, Chelsea boots are a safe bet but stylish too.

Again, we highly recommend picking up a pair of quality boots rather than a cheapy pair. They last longer and will be much more comfortable in the long run.

Chelsea boots are sexy winter shoes

Try these Chelsea Boots from Charles & Keith on for size

6. Chunky woollen sweater

Stay warm and look hot this winter with stylish woolly jumper

What’s sexier than a pretty woman in summer wear? A pretty woman in a chunky knitted sweater! OK, some might argue the fact here, but we do think that nothing says sexy winter fashion more than a thick knit sweater.

Wool is also one of the warmest materials out there, and is naturally temperature regulating. So even if you get a bit hot, you won’t get too sticky!

That image of a wool sweater as scratchy is very outdated, as you’ll find modern wool sweaters to be soft and comfortable. Oh and check that your wool sweater isn’t really acrylic (a popular alternative) as this does tend to get smelly with age (unlike real wool).

7. Knee length socks

You might be thinking this is the fashion choice of 15 year old girls the world over, but hear me out here. A pair of overknee or knee length socks can be the perfect accompaniment to many winter outfits, especially if you fancy rocking a shorter skirt. Obviously it’s quite a sexy look too, but crucially, it’s a warm addition to your winter wardrobe.

Pair with anything from trainers or Chelsea boots, to slip-ons or heels.

8. The jumper dress

Fab sexy winter fashion with a jumper dress and over knee boots

Sexy and comfortable? That’s the reason we love winter fashion so much isn’t it? The jumper dress is a great winter wardrobe essential because it is both of those things.

You can also get your jumper dress selection in different styles. LBD? Yup. Christmas vibe? of course. Slinky sexy little number with a slit down the side…. Dayyyyum yesssss.

A good jumper dress can be incredibly comfortable and a total head turner. Ideal for a cold night out on the town, or if you’re doing your Christmas shopping and you want to look freaking awesome. Aim for natural materials such as wool for your sexy jumper dress.

9. Long mac

The ‘flasher’ mac is absolutely great for winter styling, for obvious reasons. First of all, you can get maximum coverage so you can wear pretty much whatever you want underneath. And of course it’s warm and often waterproof too.

One of the great things about a long mac coat is that you can pair it with some really sexy items for a real wow factor. A flash of shiny shimmer tights from under your mac will turn heads, and if you’re really daring why not pair with a pair of over the knee boots. You’ll be stopping traffic in no time.

10. Pleated mini-skirt

Fun fact – the mini skirt is right back in fashion. Don’t believe me? Ask pretty much everyone in the fashion world. This 60s classic is a definite sexy winter fashion item and you can switch up whatever your style.

Go for a pleated tennis style skirt with trainers or heels, or opt for the more classic 60s profile and pair with chunky heeled boots. Make sure you’ve got some fab tights to compliment your skirt too!

11. Leather look skirt

The leather look PVC skirt is having a good year, and you’ll spot this style on everyone from uber cool Gen-Z girls to women styling out the office vibes.

And that’s because it looks super sexy and is an easy style pair. Wear with chunky woollen sweaters, office shirts or off the shoulder outfits for effortless winter sexy styling.

Not sure about getting your legs out in the cold? Tights, leggings and stockings are an essential this time of year so go for it!

12. Upsexy your outfit

In short, you can add a sexy element to any outfit, even if you’re under layers of padding. The best way to do this is to use tight fitting clothes, for example leggings. This will accentuate your lower figure which can be especially useful if you have long legs or a shapely bottom.

Boots and heels are also a very simple way to max your winter sexy appeal. Make up and hair can also be a great way to upsexy. Especially eye make-up. Embrace the eye shadow and mascara for that killer ‘come to bed’ look.

Shopping for winter fashion

Although we’re spoiled for choice with our high streets here in Devon, sometimes an online option can make sure we stand out with unique items.

There are some great options for online winter fashion such as Femme Luxe and JoyBuy.

Remember- Stay cool, look hot this winter!

Check out our inspiration for date night outfits too!

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