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9 Women’s Tips to Look Sexy in Casual Clothes

9 Women’s Tips to Look Sexy in Casual Clothes
  • PublishedOctober 11, 2022

You might have a date night coming up…. Or maybe you’re just wondering how you can look more stylish and sexy in your daily wear. You don’t have to dress trashy to look sexy in casual clothes.

If you have wondered about how to look hotter in everyday clothing, you’re in the right place. These tips will help you add some sexy style to your office attire or just if you’re heading out with friends.

1. Confidence is the key

I’m sorry, you have probably heard this a thousand times by now, I know I have. However, it really is true. Being casually sexy needs you to rock whatever you are wearing, whether that be a princess dress or a potato sack.

You can find plenty of guides on how to be confident, however fake it ‘til you make it works just fine if you are only doing it for the sake of a single outfit.

2. Find your style

As long as you are not wearing a dress shirt or a formal dress, you’re going to look casual, let’s face that. However, you can make that casual dress as sexy as these sexy prom dresses 2023 too. There is a style for everyone out there and if you can find the one that fits both your body and personality, then you have everything you need.

And don’t keep yourself to the surface styles either. Preppy, goth, athletic, whatever you have in your head likely won’t work. Instead, research styles that are more modern or a bit more complicated. Techwear is one of those styles that looks amazing on certain people but still looks quite casual, even when you take all those accessories into account.

Some more low-maintenance styles are cottage-core, grunge or you can go straight into vintage-core if you prefer old-school styles. These can all complement a person, you simply need to find the aesthetic that will make you look sexy in a casual outfit.

a stylish sexy woman looks cool in casual clothes

3. Revealing isn’t always hot

Showing everything off is not necessarily the way to go. It usually gives too much away, which takes away from the fantasy. Plus, it can be a huge distraction if you actually want to keep up a conversation which isn’t necessarily something you want. Sure, it might be a bit of an ego boost but sexy casual outfits should not have you showing off a lot of cleavage and legs.

Instead, go for something that covers you, however, fits you incredibly well. This will show your curves off in all the right places and still give others something to look at. It also involves a tiny bit of mystery, which we all know is really sexy.

4. Wear bold colors

Pastels and muted colors are not the way to go with sexy casual outfits. They can make you look shy and drawn back, which is the exact opposite of what you need when you want to look hot. Confidence, putting yourself out there and looking like a baddie is key.

All colors are great, as long as they are bold. Keep your washed out clothes in the closet for this kind of outfit, the fresher the color, the better.

A pop of colour in your outfit can be very sexy

5. Keep the bling to a minimum

Yeah, shiny things are fun to look at, but the focus should be on you. Not a specific item on you. Not a ring, necklace or beads on your dress. Sure, these are great things to attract the gaze of others but if you want to actually keep them on you then you, yourself, need to be the highlight of what they are looking at.

Not to mention, having tons of jewelry and accessories doesn’t look very casual and it can actually ruin the overall picture.

6. Have a signature item or accessory

Once again, you need something bold. A signature accessory can be a leather bag, a snow white jacket or a very intricate necklace. These are all things that will make you look a bit more interesting but will also catch everyone’s eyes as you walk into the room.

Don’t have more than one of these on at a single occurrence though. They will likely not fit each other if they are all bold pieces, plus they will take the attention away from you. The point is to guide people’s eyes to the accessory, so they get to you. You don’t want others to only be looking at your bag and jacket.

7. Wear more red

The red effect is a very real thing and the best thing you can do is use it in your sexy casual outfits. You don’t need to focus yourself on the color red completely but you should probably include it in some way or another. If you want to make your job easier you can have your signature accessory be red.

If you do decide to go all out of the reds, just make sure that they are the same shade. Poorly matched shade colors will ruin the effect and make you look worse off. To avoid this situation look at your outfit in different lightings. Your bathroom’s lighting will not be the same as the one in the dressing room, or even your living room.

8. Boots and heels

Whatever you think of boots or heels, they definitely add to your strut and show off your legs. A good pair of heels can totally make an outfit pop. And if it’s the winter a pair of heeled knee high boots, or better still over knee boots, can stop traffic with the right outfit.

It’s almost an outfit hack… Wear whatever you want, add a pair of heels for an instant sexy outfit in casual clothes. In the winter this goes double as a pair of killer heels can really make a winter outfit stand out.

Do you need to wear a certain brand or style? Not really, but a mid-high heel should do the trick – whatever you’re comfortable in.

Heels can make any casual outfit sexy

9. Wear the correct size

Unfortunately, this has to be said. A lot of people either can’t or won’t get away from oversized clothing while others are sticking to their guns about “still being a size S”. A piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you well won’t be sexy, and it will also make you incredibly uncomfortable.

You don’t have to fit into the clothing, the clothing has to fit you. It doesn’t matter what size you are, sexiness doesn’t lie in the tag of a garment that nobody will see. If you are struggling with this kind of stuff try to not mind the tag itself and just find items that fit you well and look good on you.

Comforting yourself on the fact that you can still fit into a certain sized T-shirt might make you feel better for a bit but it certainly won’t make you feel sexy when you sit down in it and the whole bottom part rolls up or stretches over your belly in an uncomfortable way. So, make sure you get these sorority shirts by LNO Greek that offer comfortability and sexiness no matter what movements you’ll make!

10. Go workout

OK, this isn’t necessarily a style tip, but it will help massively with point number 1 (confidence). Plus there is nothing sexier than someone who is in great shape flaunting what they have. You can even enjoy your workout and look sexy in the gym too.

If you’re not the gym type, take some time to do some yoga, go for a run or even do a workout on YouTube in your own living room. There are many ways to improve your fitness, improve your clothes fit and look great.

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