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Choosing An Electric Vehicle: The Future Of Family Travel

Choosing An Electric Vehicle: The Future Of Family Travel
  • PublishedMarch 1, 2023

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely taking over the roads. They used to be a rare sight to see on the dual carriageways and in the city centres, but now you are guaranteed to see a few on every journey. Making the switch to an EV is easy, but many drivers are still hesitant. The truth is that electric vehicles make the perfect family vehicles. But if you still want the normal car, buying Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1967 could be a great option!

Making An EV Feel At Home

If you are thinking of choosing an EV as your next family vehicle, you should consider making it feel at home by installing a smart charger. These allow you to charge your car at home, making it cheaper to run and much more convenient to use. With a fast smart charger, you should be able to fully charge your EV overnight, giving you the maximum amount of range to use each day.

The amount of time it takes to charge the vehicle, and the cost of charging, will help you to decide if installing a home EV smart charger is right for you. They are a convenient way to add range overnight if you have a driveway or parking space. LV ElectriX can help you decide do I need a smart charger installed. They help thousands of people get behind the wheels of electric vehicles every year. Take a look to see why an electric car could be the choice for you.

Safer Driving From Smarter Cars

Electric vehicles are much safer to drive, making them the perfect family car. Most EVs come with high-tech safety features including self-driving capabilities that can avoid accidents and keep you safe on the motorway and country roads. EVs use a system called regenerative braking too, which allows them to recover energy from braking that is usually lost. Not only does this help add to your range when you are driving, but it also helps the cars to stop very quickly.

They are safer to own too. Many of the latest electric vehicles have cameras fitted all around and even inside the car. This can help monitor the vehicle when it is parked, recording any suspicious activity. They can even notify you on your smartphone to let you know there has been an issue. You can watch the footage back later if there is a problem with your car when you return. This feature has already been used by EV owners to claim repairs from careless drivers who have damaged the car and driven away, and even prosecute vandals.

Find Your Balance Between Cost And Range

There is a large price range for EVs, and this can cause some confusion for drivers that are new to electric vehicles. The smaller, cheaper cars often have a greatly reduced range which usually means they are only really suitable for driving around town on short journeys. Longer trips are possible, but they will require multiple recharging stops which can add a lot of time and inconvenience to a road trip.

Though larger, family-sized EVs are more expensive, the investment they require comes back to you in fuel savings. The biggest and most expensive component of any electric vehicle is the battery. The more expensive an EV is to buy, the bigger its battery will be. This gives you more range, and top of the line EVs often come with a battery pack capable of holding 300-400 miles of charge.

This gives your car enough range to drive all day, and a cross-country road trip can be completed with a quick stop to recharge just once. For the complete EV, aim a little higher and get a car that has a large battery pack giving it a large range.

Saving For The Future

The biggest benefit that comes from driving an EV is the money you will save along the way. Recharging a battery using electricity is much cheaper per mile than traditional fuels like petrol and diesel. This is one of the most commonly known savings that electric vehicles can offer your family, but the savings do not end there. The electric car maintenance costs are greatly reduced when compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle.

There is no engine oil or oil filters. Electric motors are incredibly simple devices, often with just one or two moving parts, so they are much more reliable and easy to fix if something does go wrong. Trips to the mechanic take minutes if you ever need to make one. Most EVs sail through their MOTs, with regenerative braking systems, even reducing tyre wear. You spend much less on consumables when you drive an EV, helping to make them even better value compared to their traditional counterparts.

Save money and help give the planet a fighting chance against climate change. Electric vehicles are the smarter choice for you, your family, your wallet, and for planet Earth. 

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