the best things about living in devon? There are many to choose from so check our list

Ahh that Devon lifestyle. Sometimes we don’t realise how lucky we’ve got it, especially seeing as many of us might be getting a bit of cabin fever during the pandemic. But there are many great things about living in Devon, but sometimes we just need a bit of reminding.

So, if you’ve been gazing out of the window at the grey drizzle and wondering about your life choices, hold up. These are the best things about living in Devon (to help you stay focused and live the dream).

1. So many beaches

Obviously first on the list is the fact that we have so many epic beaches. From Bigbury and Mothercombe, to Croyde and Saunto Sands. Yes, that means that in the summer we have that enviable summer glow before pretty much anyone else in the country. But even in the winter, a bracing walk on an empty beach is one of lifes little joys. Like they say, life’s a beach.

2. Water sports are everywhere

And, with all those beaches and access to the sea, we can get wet whenever we want. And we love some watersports in Devon. Surfing is obviously big, but paddle boarding has become one of the most popular and fun ways to get out on the water. And you can do it anywhere…

3. Getting away from it all

Do you know how hard it is for people from London to escape the city life? Here in Devon, we can pretty much walk or drive for five or ten minutes and we’re in nature. Gazing at the moorland vista, or enjoying the sea is not just one of the best things about living in Devon, it’s good for you too!

4. Work/Life balance

We have it easy down here in Devon when it comes to the work/life balance. Just ask Londoners (again). The average commute in London is 74 minutes! Yes over an hour to get to and from work. Whereas here in Devon it’s more like 40 minutes, which is nice. So while they’re still stuck on the Northern Line, we’re down on the beach enjoying a sunset BBQ and beer.

5. Lower cost of living

Although Devon doesn’t have the lowest cost of living in the UK, it is in the bottom tier. Rents in cities like Plymouth and Torquay can be a bargain (Exeter not so much), and you get a lot for your money. Usually more rooms than bigger cities and a garden too! Add in the free things to do outdoors and the options for cheap food and you’re onto a winner.

6. Plenty of culture and nightlife

OK, so Plymouth and Exeter’s nightlife have been hit hard by the pandemic. And before that we were seeing some decline in the quality of music venues. BUT… We do have plenty of excellent nightclubs, bars, theatres, cinemas, museums and resturants to keep us busy. In fact one of the best things about living in Devon is discovering a new town with a foodie scene (look at Totnes, Tavistock or Salcombe.

7. Exploring is fun in Devon

We have a lot of fun ways to explore. From cycle trails across Dartmoor, ferry trips up the River Dart or endless coast paths. There are also steam train rides in Buckfast/Totnes and the Plym Valley as well as ferry rides to Lundy. Oh – and a sea tractor in Bigbury! Whatever the weather, you’ll find a fun way to explore the locality. Also, we mentioned SUP/paddle board before, but this has also opened up a whole new way to explore Devon.

8. Getting wild is easy

Cuddle a pig at Pennywell Farm? Go tiger spotting at Paignton Zoo? Feed a goat at Totnes Rare Breeds? If you’re an animal lover you’ll be able to enjoy time with your furry friends at numerous places across Devon. There’s even a place you can take a llama for a walk!

9. Free food?

Yes, you read that right. One of the best things about living in Devon is that there are so many opportunities for foraging for free food. We’re talking plants here, not bin diving or shoplifting (although we don’t condone either of those, we do think freeganism is a good idea). Take a foraging course, or read up on the huge variety of foraging opportunities in Devon.

10. Fab local food

There is more to food in Devon that cream teas and pasties. Although they are both obviously great options. Check out the amazing food scene in Totnes (especially if you’re veggie/vegan), check out some of the best burgers in the land in Plymouth, and discover the countless amazing pubs for dining out across the county. Truly one of the best things about living in Devon!

What did we miss? Share it in the comments below…