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The Best CBD Intimacy Oils in the UK

The Best CBD Intimacy Oils in the UK
  • PublishedAugust 25, 2023

When it comes to CBD, there are lots of products out there. But one of the most fun (at least in terms of getting naked) is CBD intimacy oil. Also known as CBD lube, this cannabis infused oil offers lots of pleasure for lovers of oily fun.

But, as you might notice, there are quite a few CBD lubes or intimacy oils out there in the market.

We’ve taken the plunge and looked at the best options for CBD intimacy oil to help you decide which one to try.

What is CBD intimacy oil?

Intimacy oil is technically a sexual lubricant, designed to be used to improve sexual penetration. But, it’s more than just to make sex easier. It’s also a fun addition to massage and even as a stress reliever.

Because of the CBD content of these intimate oils, the uses go beyond just penetrative sex. The active ingredient, the CBD, helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation and promote a number of purported health benefits.

In fact there are many different options for how to use CBD intimacy oil.

So with all this in mind, what are the best options for CBD intimate oils on the UK market?

CBD massage and intimate oil can be great for couples

1. Foria Awaken Oil

One of the original intimate oils, Foria are a USA brand who produce probably the best known CBD intimacy oil. And it’s popular for good reason. First of all, it’s all natural, with coconut oil as it’s base.

And it’s also gorgeously sweet, and not in a sickly way. The base notes of vanilla, orange and other essential oils give this a lush and indulgent scent.

Awaken oil is supposed to be used as a pre-sex rub, meaning it’s designed to awaken the vulva and improve sexual stimulation and even orgasm. Is it any good? Well, as the world’s best selling CBD intimacy oil, you be the judge.

Check out Foria Awaken Oil here.

2. ShelleySupply CBD Intimacy Oil

If you’re looking for a British CBD brand, then ShelleySupply are very much one to watch. We reviewed their CBD intimacy oil in full before, and, spoiler alert: it’s pretty lush.

The high strength CBD content goes well with the smooth mixture of natural oils including jojoba, hemp seed and grapeseed. Plus the scent is also a lovely mixture of sweet botanicals including Ylang Ylang, for a really sensual experience.

The oil mix in this also makes ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil a better option for massage than some of the others on this list. We reckon this is a top buy…

Check out ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil here.

3. Canamis Water Based CBD Lubricant

Want to use your CBD lube with condoms or sex toys? One of the draw backs of the oil based options is that you can’t mix latex with pleasure. But the Canamis CBD lube is water based, meaning you can mix CBD with safe sex and other latex products. Great for you rubber fans too 😉

Like the other products in this list, the Canamis CBD lube contains a lovely mix of essential oils for a sensual fragrance.

Check out Canamis CBD lube on Amazon.

4. Oomf Hemp Lube

While Oomf don’t necessarily shout about the CBD content of this water based lube, they do offer one of the nicest intimate lubes. The texture is a water based gel, so not oily and sticky. This isn’t designed to be used as an intimate oil though, more a personal lubricant.

But, as far as lubes go, this is top notch. And yes, you can use it with condoms and sex toys.

Buy Oomf Hemp Lube on Amazon

Is it worth getting CBD lube?

While you might be looking at some of the prices on these CBD intimacy oils and thinking that the expense might not be worth it, there is a lot of value in these oils.

CBD lube tends to help stimulation, especially in women who suffer from vaginal pain. There are also suggestions that CBD lube could help erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and it also helps with other forms of sex that might be uncomfortable for some such as anal sex.

So while CBD lube might cost a little more, we do think it’s worth the extra few pounds.

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