ShelleySupply CBD Intimacy Oil Review:

ShelleySupply CBD Intimacy Oil Review:
  • PublishedMay 23, 2023

CBD products are everywhere these days, and you might have even noticed that there is such a thing as CBD intimacy oil – aka CBD lube. Yup, you can even put CBD oil based products on your intimate areas….

But, whats the benefits of CBD for sex? And do you need to try a CBD lube?

Actually, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a new product, ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil. This CBD isolate based lube is the UK’s answer to the popular Foria CBD lube.

And while there have been rave reviews for the American brand, I thought I’d check out the British version and see for myself what all the fuss is about when it comes to intimacy oils.

So what is it like? Is it worth grabbing your own bottle of CBD intimacy oil? Read on for our review of ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil..

What is ShelleySupply?

ShelleySupply is a new CBD brand based in the UK. Their main products include CBD patches, creams and of course this new CBD intimacy oil, or CBD lube.

At the moment, they only seem to sell products on their website, with no retail presence. But the products are all stated as 100% natural and plant based. They also use CBD isolate, instead of the other broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD. What this means is that their products contain only 100% pure CBD, not CBD containing other elements from the cannabis plant such as THC or terpenes.

In case you aren’t totally up to speed with the legal issues around CBD: Currently CBD or Cannabidiol is 100% legal in the UK. THC, which is the compound that gets you high, is NOT legal.

To be clear, if you see CBD on the packaging, this means you’re getting 100% CBD (whether that is isolate or broad spectrum will vary due to the product).

OK… With all that defined, what about the CBD lube review?

What is CBD Intimacy Oil?

Intimacy oil is not just another name for lube. But the clue is in the name. The key ingredient in CBD intimacy oil, cannabidiol, has a number of benefits sexually, which include promoting blood flow, reducing inflammation and adding a little tingle to your day.

So you can probably see where I’m going with this.

While CBD intimacy oil is great as a sex lube, thats not all it’s good for. Yes, you can rub some on your penis, vagina or anus and enjoy heightened sensation, reduced friction and less pain.

But you can also use intimacy oil to set the scene. As a massage oil it’s also great, and allows for a pleasant tingle sensation when applied to the back and shoulders, or anywhere on the body for that matter.

You can also heighten sensations on other areas such as the nipples, ears, or any other area where you want to feel more buzz.

In short, ShelleySupply CBD lube is a great addition to your foreplay and bedroom fun.

ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil review

The CBD lube comes in a nice simple and minimalist bottle. The pump dispenser gives a clean pump, no dribbles, and a good dosage of the oil.

Talking of the oil, this is one area where the intimacy oil is more pleasant to use than traditional lubes. As the intimacy oil is made from a mixure of plant oils including grape seed oil, jojoba oil and (of course) hemp seed oil, the texture is smooth and pleasant. It’s also a runny oil, not a gel, so you need to be careful not to let it run out of your hands.

In addition, the lube also contains 100% natural botanicals and essential oils, meaning it smells lovely too. Notes of citrus, floral undertones and ylangylang mean this is a lovely sensual fragrance…

So how does it feel on?

Putting the CBD oil based lube onto the body is much like applying any other oil such as a massage oil. It’s less tacky or icky than KY jelly, for example, and feels very smooth on the skin. In fact it’s so nice to use it’s easy to put more on.

What about the tingle or the effects?

Well, it takes a little while to feel the effects of the CBD. For me, its usually about ten minutes or so, my partner usually slightly longer. But when the effects come on it’s a lovely buzz wherever you’ve placed it. Because it takes a while, you’re probably not going to use it for a quickie, and you definitely shouldn’t use it if you need to use condoms or latex as the oil will react with it.

As a guy, the benefits of CBD for sex have been suggested to be improved sensation, a treatment for erectile dysfunction and even a performance enhancer.

For women, the benefits of CBD for sex include increased lubrication, less friction, reduced inflammation and improved sensation. Better sex and better orgasms, basically.

My partner and I have both used ShelleySupply CBD lube multiple times and every time it’s a very pleasant experience. And because it’s usually used as part of the foreplay, it usually makes the whole experience that much more sensual.

Oh, and also the oil goes a long way. Considering this is under £30 for a bottle, and we use it a lot, it’s definitely a product that will last.

Is it worth buying ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil?

Both my partner and I have enjoyed using the CBD lube and have found it to be a great addition to the bedroom. And yes, it does enhance climaxes for both of us, and I also feel like it does help me perform for longer.

Considering the value you get from 50 ml bottle, for under £30, it’s a bargain!

Yes, it is very much worth buying a bottle of CBD lube from ShelleySupply.

Buy yours today on their website.

This is a 100% authentic review based on my own experiences.

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