With Christmas on the way, parents looking for some peace and quiet might be wondering how to find a great gift for their little ones. If you’ve heard enough ‘Let it Go’ or ‘Baby Shark’ for one lifetime, the Groov-e range of kids wireless headphones might be exactly what you’re looking for.

So how do these headphones for kids stack up? Are they worth buying, or are they just going to be another broken and discarded toy in a few weeks?

In this review, we’re looking at the Groov-e GVBT590BE bluetooth wireless headphones with DJ style cups. Do you need to get your kids groovin’ with some Groov-e’s?

Build quality

The first things first as a parent, you’ll be wondering how headphones for kids stack up against other offerings. Well, I’ve got some good news to start with.

Although the Groov-e GVBT590BE headphones are very much made from plastic, they are actually a lot sturdier than I thought they would be. The arch over the head is solid and easily adjustable, and has no flimsy bits such as portruding cables or bits that little fingers might be tempted to test.

In fact, the build quality is very much on par with a decent set of similar priced adult headphones. The only thing that signals tha the Groov-e kids headphones are indeed for kids is the colour.

The cups fit my 4 year old perfectly, and she finds it easy to adjust them to her head.

So far so good.

What about the technical specs?


  • Bluetooth and optional wired 3.5″ jack (detachable)
  • Up to 7.5 hrs battery time
  • In-built mic for taking calls
  • weight: 298 grams
  • Link two sets together so your kids can share music ‘audio sharing’
  • USB charger

As they are lightweight plastic headphones, the Groov-e kids wireless headset is perfect for kids to enjoy. Not too bulky or heavy.

The bonus of the optional wired mini jack plug is great too, meaning you can use them to connect to a laptop or other non-bluetooth device. Double handy if the battery runs out on a long journey!

Talking of bluetooth, we’ve connected with multiple devices and so far so good. We’ve had no trouble setting them up on an Amazon tablet, a OnePlus phone, a Samsung phone and a Motorola phone.

As for controls, there are only three buttons. The central button is the power button, with the volume up and down on either side. To be honest, my little girl doesn’t really use the buttons, or the call feature, but it’s a nice to have for more tech savvy kids I’m sure.

We haven’t put the battery to the test with a long trip, just letting our little one listen at home. But so far they’ve had some good play and not had to be recharged.

Sound quality

The Groov-e Kidz wireless headphones are made for, well… Kids. So the sound quality doesn’t have to be all that. Does it?

Actually, I was surprised at how solid the sound quality is on these headphones. I expected a sort of muddy mess, but actually, again, they’re on par with some reasonably priced mid-priced adult headphones.

The bass is nice and deep, and I found that listening to a few ‘grown-ups’ tunes that I would be happy to use these for a few hours. Sure, they’re not on the same level as my Sennheiser headphones, but these are substantially cheaper.

Put simply, just because they’re kids headphones, don’t write them off as low quality. I think any kid into their music or games will be very happy to use the Groov-e kids wireless headphones.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a set of good quality headphones for kids, the Groov-e Kidz are definitely up to the task. Available in girl friendly pink, or boy friendly blue, we’re sure they’ll be a hit with youngsters up to the age of around 12.

You can find the Groov-e Kidz wireless headphones at here Amazon

Or you can buy them direct from Groov-e

Our rating: 3.5/5 stars

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