Maximising the Benefits of Word Cloud Polls for Classroom Participation and Learning

Maximising the Benefits of Word Cloud Polls for Classroom Participation and Learning
  • PublishedApril 25, 2023

Word cloud polls are a fantastic way to engage students and promote classroom participation. These interactive polls allow students to share their opinions and thoughts in a fun, engaging way while also providing valuable feedback that educators can use. 

With the rise of digital learning platforms and apps, word cloud polls have become more accessible than ever before, with a range of easy-to-use tools. In this post, we’ll explore how word cloud polls can be used to maximise the benefits of classroom participation and learning. 

Word Cloud Polls Explained

A word cloud poll is a visual representation of words or phrases that have been submitted by students in response to a prompt or question. The words are typically arranged in a cloud-like shape, with the most frequently submitted words appearing in larger font sizes. 

Word cloud polls can be used in a variety of ways to promote classroom participation and learning. They are especially useful for:

  • Gathering student feedback and opinions
  • Encouraging brainstorming and idea generation
  • Engaging students in discussions
  • Identifying key themes and ideas
  • Assessing student understanding and knowledge

We’ll explore these in further detail below. 

Using Word Cloud Poll Apps

You can use word cloud poll apps as an excellent tool in the classroom. Choose an app that is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that allows educators to create polls and surveys simply and quickly. Once you’ve created a poll, students can access it on their own mobile devices, for quick and seamless collaboration. 

Maximising the Benefits of Word Cloud Polls

Using a tool for word cloud polls, there are several ways that educators can maximise the benefits of word cloud polls in the classroom. Here are some ideas and tips that you might want to use when using an app. 

Icebreakers and Introductions

Live word cloud polls using an app can be an ideal way to break the ice at the beginning of a class or session. For example, you could ask students to share their favourite hobby, their favourite animal, or something interesting about themselves. Putting this information into the app immediately shows students who have the most in common, which can help them get to know one another and feel more comfortable participating in the class. 

Idea Generation and Brainstorming

You could create a poll asking students to share their ideas for potential solutions to a problem, ideas for a group project, or something else. Not only is it a great way to help students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills, but it can be a quicker and easier way to figure out the consensus before you get started. 

Assessing Student Knowledge and Understanding

A word cloud poll can be an effective tool for assessing the understanding and knowledge of your students. For example, you could come up with a poll that asks students to submit words or phrases that summarise a particular concept or topic. By using this method, you can easily identify any areas where students might be struggling and adjust your teaching accordingly. 

Engaging Students in Discussions

If you’re struggling to get your students to engage in a discussion, a word cloud poll can help. Students might be asked to submit words or phrases that represent their opinion on a particular topic to the poll, for example. This then gives you resources that you can use to spark a discussion among the students and encourage them to share their ideas and thoughts. 


You can also use word cloud polls for fun and effective quizzes. For example, asking students to submit words or phrases representing the correct answer to a question in a poll is a quick way to test their knowledge in a non-formal way and have some fun with it. It’s a great way to add some gamification to the classroom or have students test each other’s knowledge as part of the overall learning experience. 

Incorporate into Presentations

You can encourage your students to use word cloud polls in their presentations to further engage the audience and gather more feedback. Or you can use them in your teaching materials, such as the classroom or lecture presentations. For example, first, create a poll that asks the audience to enter words or phrases that represent something relevant to your presentation. This can be a very useful way to present research to the class, or for students to present their research. Similarly, word cloud polls can be used for asking questions during a presentation to help you gauge the audience’s understanding and provide useful answers. 

Word cloud polls are a fun, engaging option for the classroom. Using word cloud poll apps, educators can gather feedback, encourage conversation and brainstorming, identify key ideas and themes, and assess their students in a simple yet enjoyable way. 

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