Beyond Bleach: The Professional Approach To Mould Remediation

Beyond Bleach: The Professional Approach To Mould Remediation
  • PublishedMay 2, 2023

Wiping down surfaces with bleach is considered an easy solution to a mould problem. But this harmful chemical can be dangerous to use and does not effectively kill mould. As soon as you spot mould in your property, you must bring in mould removal experts. 

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers mould remediation services. Its Dewpoint-accredited technicians can quickly remove all the spores in your home from the surfaces and the air, and tackle the problem at source to keep your property mould-free. 

Keep reading to find out why you should not use bleach to kill mould. 

Does bleach kill mould?

Bleach’s active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, can kill fungi and therefore mould. However, there is evidence that the bleach needs a concentration of at least 10% to successfully kill mould and most household bleaches only contain 5% sodium hypochlorite. 

Even if the bleach you used did manage to kill mould, it will not work effectively on porous surfaces like fabric and wood. Mould spreads its roots deep into the pores of these surfaces and can evade treatment so it will soon grow back.

Bleach can also put your health at risk. Prolonged exposure may irritate the eyes, mouth, skin, and lungs. People with respiratory conditions, like asthma, are especially vulnerable. 

When mixed with certain chemicals, like ammonia, it can produce chlorine gas which is very harmful. Inhaling chlorine gas could cause chest pain, breathing problems, fluid in the lungs, and pneumonia. 

How do professional mould cleaners remove mould?

Attempting mould remediation without personal protective equipment (PPE) can put your health at risk. You also will not have the specialist equipment and products to remove all the mould and it could return. 

Instead, you should leave it to fully trained professionals who can quickly and thoroughly remove all traces of the mould in your property, including from difficult-to-reach areas.

Professionals will wear full PPE to keep themselves safe during cleaning and may request you vacate the property for a short period to protect your health. 

Specialists, like ICE Cleaning’s technicians, will take samples of any mould so they can gather data about the spores and determine the optimal solution for your situation, too. They can even diagnose the root cause of the mould and advise on how to stop it coming back in the future. 

ICE Cleaning’s specialist cleaners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nationwide. Every mould remediation service they provide comes with a lifetime guarantee* so you can be sure your home will stay safe and clean. 

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning on its website. 

*subject to advisories

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