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What Is The South Of England Most Known For?

What Is The South Of England Most Known For?
  • PublishedMarch 31, 2023

Anyone from overseas will think of the UK as an idyllic rural place that is full of people who are overly polite and love drinking tea. However, the United Kingdom isn’t like this at all. It is a diverse place made up of four different countries, and each one has its own quirky identity. You won’t find anyone in Ireland that looks and sounds like a resident of Scotland, for example. Dig a bit deeper into your exploration of these weird yet wonderful places, though, and you will also notice that each region has even more to offer than initially believed that you will not find anywhere else in that country.

The northern regions of England are known for hardened industry and larger cityscapes, but what about the Southern areas?  What can you expect to find here? Just in case you were unaware, here are some of the things that the southern parts of England are best known for.


Although the Northern regions of England are home to several well-known large cities, the biggest city of them all is actually found in the south of England.

Since London is the nation’s capital, you will find that this city has a lot to offer, from historical sites to shopping centres. However, some parts of this area are far more historical than others.

The two universities that attract the best and brightest undergrad students from around the world, Oxford and Cambridge are both sites situated around London.

However, venture further south and you find prestigious universities in Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and even deep in Cornwall, in Falmouth.

So not only is the region a beautiful place to live, there is a great attraction to study too.


Since England and the rest of the UK is a conjoined series of island nations, you would be silly not to expect to find plenty of beaches in this part of the world. However, you will notice when flipping open the local newspaper, that most brits agree that the best beaches in England are situated in the southern parts of the country.

Both Cornwall and Devon have become extremely popular tourist destinations and thousands of people descend on Brighton beach every year during the summer months. 

It is in these regions that you will find the most sunshine, which is a rarity in Britain. Some of the other most popular beaches in southern England include:

• Bigbury, Devon

• Croyde Bay, Devon

•Lulworth Cove, Dorset

• Fistral Beach, Cornwall

• Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

Brighton, East Sussex

If you enjoy a swim in the sea or exploring the various wildlife in the surrounding rock pools, then it is definitely worth visiting one of these beaches in the south of England. Oh and you’ll also find some excellent fishing too…

National Parks

On the topic of wildlife, you will also get a good view of some of the UK’s best wildlife in a national park. Where are some of the best national parks in England, you ask?

Devon is home to two moors, Dartmoor National Park and Exmoor. Dartmoor is an expansive area with terrain from rolling hills, to ancient forest and tumbling streams. Wild ponies are ubiquitous and you’re never too far from a quaint country pub.

Exmoor also features some wild landscapes, and is closer to the rugged north coast of Devon. Both moors are perfect for wandering, taking the kids to explore and even wild camping.

You will also find a lot of references to one of England’s most famous fictional characters in Dartmoor, Sherlock Holmes. 

The Film and TV industry

By now you have probably built up a very rural countryside picture of the south of England. While this image is accurate, you may be surprised to learn that the south of England is also a popular hub for film and television.

While Bristol is one of the main tech hubs in the UK (outside of London), heading south to Exeter and Plymouth might surprise you with the vibrant tech scene.

There are also many films which are shot in the region, and you might even spot a Devon landscape in the next Hollywood Blockbuster. In fact, there are also plenty of creative agencies where you can edit a video in Devon.


English cuisine is mostly boiled down to roast dinners and fish and chips in the eyes of a lot of outside nations.

However, the UK has a lot more to offer the culinary world than this.

While Cornwall is famous for the pasty, did you know the first mention of this British classic is in Plymouth? Granted that is fighting talk, but we’re going to stand by our claim that the pasty is from Plymouth.

Devon cream teas are known as a treat with an afternoon tea. Scones stacked with clotted cream and jam and served with a hot pot of tea. And the cream tea originated in Tavistock, a market town in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor.

Another Devon classic is fudge. This delightfully sticky and sweet treat, made from sugar, butter and milk can come in a variety of flavours. From classic vanilla, to rum and rasin or any number of creative blends.


While London and the white cliffs of Dover are certainly famous enough, there are other parts of southern England that are worth paying attention to. not everything significant about the south has to be recognised as world-famous, you know.

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