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5 Experiences to Do This Summer in Devon

5 Experiences to Do This Summer in Devon
  • PublishedJuly 1, 2023

From the breathtaking coastal landscapes to the charming countryside, Devon is a haven for people looking for something different this summer. You can embark on exhilarating hikes along the rugged cliffs marvelling at the geological wonders and ancient fossils that dot the shoreline as well as seeing picturesque villages that captivate visitors with their quaint charm and historic architecture. 

There are also so many experiences and adventures to be had in Devon this summer. Take a pet photoshoot…you won’t find a more unique activity to be had with your furry favourite!

A Pet Photoshoot Experience

A pet photoshoot is a fun and creative way to capture special moments with your beloved furry friends. A professional pet photographer who specialises in capturing the unique personality and charm of animals will get the best shots of your animal. Pet photoshoots can take place either in a studio setting or outdoors, depending on your preference and the photographer’s style.

During the photoshoot, the photographer will work closely with you and your pet to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. They will use their expertise to capture candid shots and posed portraits that showcase your pet’s individuality and the bond you share. They may use various techniques such as props, treats, and toys to keep your pet engaged and bring out their natural expressions and behaviours.

A pet photoshoot is not only an opportunity to capture stunning images of your furry companion but also a chance to celebrate the joy, love, and connection you share with them. It can be a delightful experience for both you and your pet, creating lasting memories that you can cherish forever.

A Devon Based Hotel Break

If you fancy a treat for yourself and not just your pet, then what about a short break away in Devon? Whether nestled along the stunning coastline or nestled within the picturesque countryside, a Devonshire hotel stay offers a warm welcome and a comfortable retreat for travellers. 

Wake up to breathtaking views of rolling hills, azure waters, or quaint villages, and indulge in the comforts of well-appointed rooms, attentive service and excellent amenities. 

Guests can savour delicious locally sourced cuisine in elegant restaurants or unwind with a refreshing drink in cosy bars. With numerous attractions and activities nearby, including stunning beaches, national parks, and historic sites, a hotel stay in Devon provides the perfect base to explore and immerse oneself in the natural splendour and cultural heritage of this enchanting county.

A Shepherds Hut Stay

If exploring new things is a priority for your family, choosing to stay in a shepherd’s hut should be at the top of the list!

A stay in a shepherd’s hut is a unique and rustic glamping experience that offers a blend of charm, tranquillity, and a connection with nature. Shepherd’s huts are traditionally small, portable structures that were originally used by shepherds in rural areas to provide shelter while tending to their flocks. Today, these huts have been transformed into cosy and comfortable accommodations for travellers seeking an alternative getaway.

This hideaway, which can accommodate two parents and two kids, is ideal for spending quality time together in the great outdoors without the distraction of screens or other technology.

A good night’s sleep can be had by all thanks to the double bed and bunk beds, and if you’re hesitant to stay in a yurt, the hut is ideal because of its lovely location between the River Hems and the lake.

See Devon from the skies in a hot air balloon

A hot air balloon ride in Devon is a truly magical experience that offers a unique perspective of the county’s breathtaking landscapes. As you gently float through the sky in the spacious basket, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the rolling countryside, picturesque villages, and stunning coastline.

After the flight, you’ll safely descend and be greeted by the ground crew who will assist with the landing and provide a celebratory toast with prosecco to commemorate your unforgettable experience.

A hot air balloon ride in Devon is not only a thrilling adventure but also a chance to create lifelong memories. It’s an ideal activity for special occasions, romantic getaways, or simply to appreciate the stunning landscapes that Devon has to offer from a whole new vantage point.

Fragrance Making Day Out

A perfume making experience day in Exeter is a unique and interactive activity that allows participants to create their own signature fragrance. It offers a hands-on opportunity to delve into the art of perfumery, exploring different scents, blending techniques and personal preferences.

A perfume making experience day is not only an opportunity to learn about the art of perfumery but also a chance to engage the senses, awaken creativity, and gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate world of fragrances. It’s a memorable and enjoyable activity for individuals or groups looking to explore new aromas and create a one-of-a-kind perfume.

Whether immersing in the vibrant atmosphere of the seaside towns or finding tranquillity in the countryside 1000’s of feet in the air, Devon leaves an indelible mark on all who encounter its enchanting landscapes and warm hospitality. Experience days with companies such as WonderDays are the perfect way to not only see the gorgeous county but to make some lifelong memories at the same time.

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