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Guide to Christmas holidays in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol

Guide to Christmas holidays in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol
  • PublishedDecember 11, 2022

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. People from all over the world come to Malaga every year to relax, have fun and enjoy the Mediterranean climate. And Christmas is a great time to visit this beautiful region!

During the winter months, this Spanish region is especially magical with its mild temperatures, stunning landscapes and plenty of things to do. If you’re planning a Christmas getaway to Malaga and the Costa del Sol, you’re in for an unforgettable experience!

Getting around in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Of course the Costa del Sol is a huge area, and there are different ways to get around. One option is to book Marbella airport transfers, if you just want to head straight to your resort.

Or, you can always get a car hire at Malaga airport and start exploring this magical region, or you can stay in the regional capital and enjoy all the Christmas activities that pop up during this special time of year.

From traditional Spanish markets, concerts and shows, to a Marbella boat party, there’s plenty to do in Malaga during Christmas time.

Can’t wait? Read on to discover all the ways to make your holiday season extra special.

Why should you visit Malaga at Christmas?

First of all, the warm weather makes it a great time to get out and explore the region. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural attractions or leisurely strolls by the beach, you can find them all in Malaga during Christmas time. Choose your convertible car hire in Malaga and start exploring the region with temperatures that often approach 20ºC.

Secondly, this is an excellent opportunity to sample some of the local delicacies. From the famous Jamon Serrano to the traditional marzipan sweets, there are plenty of delicious treats on offer.

Thirdly, you’ll find a great selection of Christmas markets in Malaga and its surroundings. This is your chance to get all those last-minute gifts while enjoying some festive cheer.

What to Do at Christmas in Malaga?

During Christmas, Malaga comes alive with festive decorations, markets and events. You can stroll around the city centre and explore its vibrant streets filled with Christmas lights and decorations. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy such as ice skating rinks or a visit to one of the many churches that host Nativity scenes during this time of year.

Of course, a visit to the Costa del Sol wouldn’t be complete without trying some of its world famous delicacies. Whether it’s tapas or some marzipan sweets, you’ll find plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy during your holiday.

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, there are also plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. You can go hiking, kayaking or even skiing in one of the nearby ski resorts. And if you just want to stay on the beach, make sure to try some of the traditional espetos for a truly unique gastronomical experience.

What Can You See in Malaga During Christmas?

Malaga has no shortage of attractions for you to explore during your stay. From its majestic churches and cathedrals, museums and galleries or archaeological sites such as the Roman amphitheatre – all offer something unique for visitors looking for culture or history-related activities during their stay.

For example, some of the most famous museums in the city include the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum or the Centre Pompidou.

If you’d like something more laid back, there are plenty of gardens and parks where you can take a peaceful walk or simply sit down with a cup of coffee while admiring beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea.

Where To Go To Enjoy Christmas?

The best way to experience all that Malaga has to offer is by renting a car and exploring its many attractions scattered throughout the province such as Mijas Pueblo, Nerja or Ronda – all beautiful towns offering spectacular views over mountainside villages or valleys with olive tree groves. Renting a car with a company like will also give you access to some amazing beaches along the coast where you can take a refreshing dip near crystal clear waters if the weather allows it.

Moreover, you can’t go wrong with visiting some of the famous pueblos blancos; traditional white washed villages located in the mountains that are full of history and culture. Frigiliana, Casares or Gaucin are some of the most popular ones to explore during your stay.

Leisure & Entertainment To Spend Christmas In Malaga

Malaga offers plenty of different options for those looking to have a fun night out at Christmas. From its vibrant nightlife with pubs, bars and clubs to explore – or if you’re looking for something quieter, there are plenty of theatres, concerts and shows to attend.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling with friends or family and would like to enjoy some quality time together, why not try one of the many escape rooms available in the city? It’s a fun and unique way to experience the festive season together.

What To Eat At Christmas In Malaga?

When it comes to gastronomy, you won’t be disappointed with what Malaga has to offer. From traditional dishes such as gazpacho or pescaíto frito, as well as specialty seafood dishes – there’s plenty of delicious treats to enjoy.

Don’t forget to grab some turrón (nougat) or mazapán (marzipan) sweets while you’re here; they are a Christmas must-have in the Costa del Sol!

Final thoughts

With so much to see and do, this destination makes for an ideal choice for those looking for fun activities combined with relaxation under sunny skies surrounded by stunning scenery.

From visiting local attractions such as museums, churches or picturesque villages nearby; indulging yourself in delicious traditional dishes or simply taking a walk along one of its beaches – you’ll never run out of things to do when spending Christmas in Malaga!

And don’t forget – rent a car before your trip so that you can make sure you get access to all these amazing attractions without any limitations!

You can also fly to Malaga from Exeter airport right here in Devon.

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