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Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Cooked Meals Today

Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Cooked Meals Today
  • PublishedMarch 9, 2023

Cooking cool food ideas is one of the most wonderful activities there is. It can often genuinely feel like magic. After all, you’re literally a bunch of raw ingredients and turning them into something new and delicious. That has got to be one of the most exciting things in the world!

Of course, most of us don’t really think of food that way. Especially for those of us with mouths to feed, cooking can often feel like an obligation. It’s just a matter of getting food on the table and making sure that everyone is fed, happy, and healthy.

And those are all really important things! But it can end up creating a situation where you’re unable to really appreciate all of the things that make cooking truly enjoyable. In particular, you might find yourself unable to really make the most of your home cooking! 

With that in mind, here are a few easy ways to improve your home cooked meals right now.

Find the right tools 

They say it’s a poor carpenter that blames their tools, and that’s absolutely true. But the right tools really can make a huge difference when it comes to you getting the most out of your cooking every time. Incredibly simple things like sharp knives can make your life far easier.

In fact, the truth is that a blunt knife can often be far more dangerous than a sharp one. Likewise, some decent pots and pans will go a long way to bringing up the quality of your home cooking.

Not only that but you could look into some more specialised equipment. If you’re sick of your homemade pizza not living up to the real thing, then something like the outdoor pizza oven, Ooni Koda 16 can give you classic, Italian style pizza every time.

You don’t need specialist equipment to get more out of your cooking, but it can help to give you that culinary edge. Plus, they’re often pretty fun to use!

Check out our guide to the best kitchen gizmos…

Get to know your ingredients

This tip might sound a bit odd at first. After all, why would you need to get to know your ingredients, as long as you know what your ingredients are, that’s all you need! Right?


The truth is that different ingredients are going to behave very differently in different circumstances! Just look at the humble potato.

There are so many ways to cook a potato it’s, frankly, ridiculous! Whether you deep fry, boil, roast, sautee, or steam them, they’re going to come out completely different.

So take some time to pay close attention to your ingredients and see how they respond to different cooking methods.

Similarly, pay attention to things like freshness and where you’re sourcing them from. Seasonal cooking is less popular than it used to be but fruits and vegetables that are truly in season are a whole other world!

Learn the fundamentals

Have you ever been in a position where you’ve been looking at a recipe and some instruction is thrown out without much explanation and you’re left completely confused?

It’s alright, we’ve all been there.

Well, taking some time to learn the fundamentals of cooking technique can make even the most complicated looking recipes feel like a breeze! After all, there’s nothing quite like the first time you nail a cooking technique that you’ve been wondering about for years.

Things like knife skills, poaching, braising, preparing stock, can all seem intimidating at first, but with a little learning, you’ll be nailing them like a pro in no time.

Never stop learning

Speaking of learning, there really has never been a better time to up your culinary skills than right now. For a long time, cooking was one of those things that you either had to go to culinary school to learn, learn from a family member, or figure out from cookbooks.

Now, thanks to Blogs, Youtube, and even TikTok, there are people out there sharing recipes, tips, and culinary techniques to huge audiences absolutely free! That way, you can always find new ideas and if you’re ever stuck on a term or technique that you don’t understand, you’re barely more than a click away from finding the answer to your question. 

Of course, it’s important to remember that you don’t suddenly need to become a Michelin star chef! Just because you’re not cooking up 5-course banquets every night doesn’t mean there’s a single thing wrong with your food!

The truth is that, sometimes, cooking is just about getting food on the table with the minimum amount of fuss and stress.

But, with these tips, you’re going to find that it’s a whole lot easier to find the balance between great food and convenient meals. Just because you’re whipping up something for the kids at high speed, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it delicious! 

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Gesten Van Der Post

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