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22 Gift Ideas for New Homes and Housewarming

22 Gift Ideas for New Homes and Housewarming
  • PublishedNovember 10, 2022

Gift ideas for a new home usually start and end with alcoholic drinks. However, whether it was your friend who moved, or your child, the best thing you can do for them is get them the perfect gift for their new home. Then when you’re looking for the perfect way to delight an equestrian enthusiast, consider a thoughtful gift from Horse Scout Design’s personalized collection, which offers a range of customizable items that will surely warm their heart and enhance their passion for horses. Something that will be useful in their everyday lives and that they might have forgotten about while moving.

1. Towels

It’s a bit boring, but when people move they tend to forget to bring more than one towel. You can get them something fancy or even an embroidered towel. New home gift ideas don’t need to be too fancy to bring a ton of joy for the person.

2. Silicone baking sheet

Environmentally friendly and super useful if the giftee likes to use their oven. You can even get ones fitted for air fryers. These will last a long time and you can spare the other person some worries when it comes to their shopping.

3. Cordless vacuum

A handheld vacuum is one of those super useful things that you don’t even think you really need. Until you have one! Parents and pet owners will be eternally grateful. You can pick up a cordless vacuum for anything between £10 to over £100 – a very thoughtful gift for new homes and housewarming!

4.Organizing boxes

These can be used for makeup, cleaning supplies, tools and other small knick knacks around the house. They are incredibly useful, although the giftee might not see just how convenient they can be at first, so give them time.

5. Spice rack or organizer

The best kind is the one you can throw right in the kitchen drawer, so you can pull out the individual spice holders to fill them up. They are convenient and will keep the kitchen way more organized.

6. Cleaning wipes

Several kinds. For wood, glass and other surfaces. In the first few days of moving in, the person might want to renovate a bit, settle in, whatever it is: they don’t want to deal with cleaning, however they might have to. Cleaning wipes will make that easier.

7. Doormat

It might seem like a funny gift for housewarming or new home, but a doormat is the perfect gift. It’s also fairly cheap and will be used for years to come.

8. Toolbox

This is especially true if the giftee is a woman, since men usually have their own kit by the time they are moving out. A screwdriver, hammer and a tape measure are great things to have around.

9. Towel rack or hanger

Seriously, who would think to bring these when they are moving into a new place? However, if you don’t want to deal with soggy and musty towels you need to hang them up. These are great as housewarming gifts.

10. Safety door stopper

You don’t have to get a door wedge, but there are plenty of funny novelty door stoppers out there. Some can be used to keep the draft out or stop doors from slamming in those draughty homes.

11. Blankets

When you move you often only try to bring the necessities, which usually includes a single blanket or maybe a duvet. However, this will not be enough once it’s time for a wash, so having a few extra blankets, maybe even fancy ones, can be a huge help.

12. Pots and pans

If they don’t order takeout every single day, then the giftee will definitely need a few pots and pans. A whole set is easy to find and will be very much appreciated. If you know the person’s aesthetic and want to encourage them, then you can definitely find a set in that specific theme.

Swan have lots of great kitchen and housewares gift ideas including pots, pans, knife sets and more.

13. Bathrobe

Nobody remembers to bring them, but for a comfy night and morning they are great to have around. The person you are gifting to might want a new one this time around.

14. Glass set

These can be for wine, beer, or even just regular soda, however, they are inconvenient to bring while moving. This is why a new set at their new place will be such a good gift. You can customize it as much as you want, even turn it into a gag gift, however a basic glass set will be just as nice.

15. Storage bowls

When refrigerating or freezing foods you don’t really want to use plates and bowls that you like to eat out of. Which is why you should have storage bowls around, although many people don’t get them for themselves.

16. Diffuser

Getting used to the smells and feeling of a new home can be a challenge for some, so a diffuser is perfect to combat that. They are a great gift for any and everyone. You can also get a few oils in the scents that the person likes, or some of the basic ones like lavender, vanilla and rose.

17. Knife set

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen will appreciate a good knife set. Although a good knife block and kitchen knife set isn’t cheap, they’re one of those things that really makes a difference.

Check out premium knife sets on Amazon.

18. Coffee maker

If the person you’re trying to bring happiness to loves coffee then this will be a hit. A stovetop coffee maker is great, or even a French press. But if you really want to impress them, get a Nespresso or coffee machine.

19. Milk frother

Like a creamy latte or flat white? A milk frother allows coffee lovers to make their favourite milk based caffeine drinks right there at home. And the best thing is you can grab a milk frother for pretty cheap.

20. Roomba

These cute little things can make life so much easier, although they are definitely more on the expensive side of things. However, if your giftee hates cleaning, especially the floors, then you can make their life easier this way.

21. Bedding

Once again, most people only bring one set of these and then are in trouble once it’s wash day. Spare them the trouble by getting them a whole new set, preferably something that fits their aesthetic.

22. Bread bin

No-one wants bugs or flys climbing on their fresh loaves or crumpets. A good bread bin can really be a lovely feature in a new home, and obviously also keep your bread fresh too!

Check out some great kitchen items inspiration at Swan.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift ideas for new homes and housewarming. If you’re buying a new home in Plymouth or moving to Exeter, make sure to check out our guides!

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