How to Have A Great Hen Party at Home

How to Have A Great Hen Party at Home
  • PublishedNovember 4, 2022

Staying in is the new going out? There are many reasons to enjoy a hen party at home and loads of ways to make it go with a bang!

If you are tired of the penis-shaped-everything ideas for hen parties, then you have come to the right place. It’s overused and if you want to have a sensual and overall provocative theme then there are better ways to do it.

Not everyone wants to celebrate their hen party by visiting a ton of pubs in the area and doing questionable stuff in public. It’s alright, you can have just as much fun with a hen party at home and you won’t wake up the next day with a deep sense of embarrassment either.

Nude painting competition

Just because it’s the bride’s “last free night” it doesn’t mean that she can’t feel sexy and good about her body. Quite the opposite. This is a great opportunity to make her and even all of you become more confident.

The idea is simple: ask the bride for a sexy photo of herself that she’s willing to show the group and all of you can try to recreate it in the form of a painting. If the bride feels like it’s too much attention on her body, then you can all do your own pictures and in the end compare them to the painting version to decide who did better.

Themed cocktails

This trend has been making rounds on TikTok for a good while now. However, you can easily adapt it to a hen party at home by connecting the theme to the bride.

You can even make a competition about it. The group sets a theme, everyone has to make a batch of the same cocktail based on the theme. For example, if the theme was colors, then one person would make enough green cocktails for the whole party, while someone else would do the same with purple. Get creative with it, you can set the theme as “things you wish for the bride” and make cocktails that all have the word “orgasm” in it. The possibilities are endless with this one.


Yes, yes, the bride is as gorgeous as ever. But why not try a new look or aesthetic? Something that the rest of the group can put together? If the hens can agree on what they would love to see the bride in, then they can even bring items of clothing and makeup to the party.

Once everyone is there, the bride can be taken away from all mirrors and reflective surfaces and it’s time for her friends to give her a new look. You can either make this funny (by dressing her up and painting her as a minion for example), or you can take it a bit more seriously and give her the makeover of her life.

Maybe she will even realize that a new aesthetic would be best.

Girls night in, but make it a party

Basically, do whatever you would at a usual girls night in, but go all out this time. Do you do face creams? Get the expensive kind for the occasion. Do you drink wine? Pamper yourselves and get something proper instead of the usual £5 from Tesco. If you like to watch movies you can even get a projector and watch it outside in the garden, projecting the film onto the wall of the house.

You can, of course, make it a regular girls night, but that’s not all that fun and you can do that whenever you have time after the wedding too.

A woman enjoys a party at home

Wine tasting

This is the simplest, but most effective. It can also be cheap if you decide to finally try out the bottom shelf wines you didn’t bother with before and you might even find something that is to your own liking.

You can’t only do this with wine, of course, you will need something to pair it with, otherwise you would just be getting drunk without appreciating the flavors. So, you can try putting together a charcuterie board. They are incredibly easy to make if you can find many kinds of cheeses and they also look amazing. You can also do other types of boards, like chocolate, fruit, maybe some biscuits and crackers.

Even if you don’t like wine all that much, you can pretend to be snobs describing expensive wine to each other and laugh about it.

At-home cooking class

For this you either need a higher budget for a cooking teacher to come to your house, or someone in the group has to be an amazing chef, so that you can all learn a new recipe together. Based on the skill level of the group (although mostly the bride) you can get as simple or as gourmet as your heart desires.

Not only will this give all of you a chance to bond and learn something new together, but you can also mess with the bride and tease her about her cooking skills.


It’s not a women-only party unless there’s karaoke. Preferably drunken karaoke, of course, but to each their own. For this you don’t really need much, maybe two cheap microphones that you can order off of Amazon, a computer and Youtube. Maybe put together a playlist that only has videos with music specifically made for karaoke night.

DIY and crafts

If the bride is really handy or artsy then it’s not hard to cater to them. If they like crocheting or knitting you can bring a ton of yarn and make something together as a group. If gardening is their preferred thing, then you can try painting pots. Maybe some light woodworking, if they are into that sort of thing.

Either way, you will most definitely have a way to remember the day, since the bride will get to keep all the little knick knacks her favorite people made her on that special day. Or if your group prefers it, everyone gets to take home something, so everyone has a bit of a memorial for the day.

Pole dancing

Alright, so this is a bit of a stretch, but if you can make it work in your own home then you’re going to have the best hen party a woman can ask for. You need plenty of space though, and a tiny bit of money to buy or rent a pole. The latter can be easily installed, although you have to be careful with them, since if they aren’t tightened to the floor and ceiling enough, then they can move and even rip out from their original position. Not exactly something you want while you’re trying to swing from it.

Either way, there are plenty of videos online with basic pole dancing moves that a bride might want to learn. You can each take turns trying to replicate the tutor.

This is especially perfect if there are people in the group who would love to try out the sport but are too shy to do it in public, especially in a class. Also, you can give the bride the pole itself, so that she can show off her moves to her future husband once your at-home class is over.

Drinking games

If you don’t want to go overboard, but still want to have a memorable night, then you can simply have fun with drinking games. There are plenty of apps for them, but there are always the classics, like Never Have I Ever and Beer Pong.

Just make sure to drink responsibly and don’t let the bride do something too stupid.

Scavenger hunt

If you have a bigger apartment or a house with a garden, then a scavenger hunt can be the best time. Each person from the group can choose an item that reminds them of the bride and hide it around the place, only giving a small hint. This way you can have a little fun and afterwards also reminisce about your memories together while recounting your favorite nostalgic moments.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your stay at home hen party right here. Got any ideas of your own? Share them in the comments or on our Twitter 🙂

Hen party ideas away from home

While a home hen party can be great fun, there are many other ways you can celebrate the big night!

Some suggestions:

  • Enjoy a hen do weekend in London, hiring an apartment in the city and heading out on a boat trip down the Thames.
  • Rent a cottage on the Devon or Cornwall coast with your besties and enjoy coastal walks, trips to the local pub and maybe even a home disco…
  • Fly from Exeter airport to Malaga and celebrate an unforgettable hen do party, with boat parties, entry to trendy beach clubs, and rental of a villa along the coast. Maybe even go wild with a Marbella stripper or a cheeky butler service…
  • Or fly to Edinburgh or Dublin and enjoy the cultural side of these buzzing cities, with museums, clubs, pubs, shopping and great food!
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