Gomatic Navigator Collapsable Tote Bag Review

Gomatic Navigator Collapsable Tote Bag Review
  • PublishedOctober 5, 2023

Our on the go lives often mean we get weighed down with additional baggage. I’m talking about shopping, equipment and bits and bobs here… And while many of us have got a bag for life stuffed into an inside pocket in our handbags, or even a low quality collapsible bag, sometimes you need something that can handle the challenge.

The Gomatic Navigator collapsible tote bag is a new product launched by travel equipment brand Gomatic, also known as Nomatic in the US.

And while this is very much a premium product, does it stand up to the challenges of daily life? We review the Gomatic Navigator 28 litre collapsible tote to find out…

What is the Gomatic Navigator?

The Navigator range of bags from Gomatic are a new line up designed for daily use and convenience. These are bags designed to withstand the challenges of regular travel, commutes and even the demands of family life.

One part of the Gomatic Navigator range is the Navigator Collapsible. These are a range of bags that are designed to fold down into smaller parcels and stowed easily in your main bag for use later on.

In short, these are the bags made for convenience that you often wish you had.

The line up includes a collapsible duffle bag, sling, rucksack and the 28 litre Navigator tote bag. 

Let’s find out how this bag stacks up in the real world.

The Gomatic Navigator Collapsible tote bag 28 litre review

Using the Gomatic Navigator collapsible tote

I’ve been using the Gomatic collapsible tote for a few weeks now, and I have to say it’s one of those great pieces of kit that quietly does its job. It’s only when I sat down to put this review together that I realised how cool it actually is.

First of all, for context, I’m a mum of two and I work part time. As any mum knows, packing enough stuff for your kids is a challenge at the best of times. And then, you end up in the shops, and presto! You’re weighed down with even more stuff.

I’ve tended to keep the Gomatic tote in my handbag, mostly, using it for those times when you end up with more to carry than you bargained with.

The best things about the Gomatic collapsible tote

One of the best things about this bag is that it is very spacious. At 28 litres, you’ve got more than enough for all your essentials and then some. I think it’s quite a bit bigger than your standard bag for life, for example.

And because it’s obviously soft material, you can stuff it full of things like spare jumpers, water bottles, snacks for the kids, your charger cable and other essentials (and non-essentials).

To add to this, there are a few really handy pockets too. So even if you do have lots of stuff, you can keep it organised. There is one pocket on the side which is designed to hold your bottle, but it’s spacious enough to accommodate other things (mine always ends up full of snacks for the kids), plus two small compartment pockets. One zippered, the other open and easy access.

The shoulder strap is a good size too. I’ve had it slung over my shoulder, hung it on the back of a pushchair and carried by hand – my husband has used it too and he said it was easy to use and comfy to carry. And I definitely agree with that.

The bag is also made from waterproof material, so if you get caught out in the rain (or your kids spill something on it) it’s no big deal. 

How compact is the Gomatic Navigator tote?

I love how compact this bag is. It folds down to about the size of a small parcel, slightly smaller than A5 paper size, although a bit thicker obviously. You can then pop it into your main bag, or even slip it in your pocket.

Talking about folding it down, this is probably the fiddliest part of the bag.

You have to turn the bag inside out and then stuff it back into itself, which can be a bit of a faff. But once you get the hang of it (for me the first time was a bit of a head scratcher), it’s fine. And it literally takes seconds.

The Gomatic collapsible tote is compact size comparison

The style of the Gomatic tote

This is very much a minimalist style tote bag, with simple black colour and one logo on the front. It’s designed to be functional rather than stylish, but actually I think it looks pretty cool.

Gomatic have a pedigree of creating versatile and durable bags for business travellers, especially the digital nomad set, so this very much fits with that aesthetic.

Is the Gomatic Navigator good quality?

One thing I do have to say is that the Navigator Collapsible tote feels very good quality. The materials are clearly made to last and I liked the big chunky zips. It felt like this bag would stand up to some serious usage if you had to.

For me, I have been using it for daily use for a few weeks, but I can see how this would be a great addition for a city break or holiday, or even a longer trip where you want a day bag.

The stylish tote bag is collapsable

Who is the Gomatic Navigator Collapsible Tote for?

I think the Gomatic Navigator series of bags are obviously designed for people who need a quality bag that will stand up to regular use. The Gomatic brand is aimed heavily at business users and digital nomads, with lots of expandable bags and business bags.

Read this Gomatic travel pack review.

So I think this is for people (I’m not going to say women, as I think this would be a great man bag too with it’s minimal styling), who are on the go, and who need a fold up bag that is more than just a Tesco shopping bag or random bag for life stuffed into their backpack.

I can see myself using this on a city break for sure. And there is also a strap that helps the bag attach to your luggage, so that’s another obvious feature for regular travellers.

The details

Capacity: 28 litres


  • Foldable/collapsible
  • Waterproof
  • Luggage pass through strap
  • 3 internal pockets including a water bottle pocket

Where can I buy the Gomatic Collapsible tote: or Amazon.

How much is it:  £64 on their website

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