Going to a Festival Alone? 8 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea…

Going to a Festival Alone? 8 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea…
  • PublishedMay 30, 2023

Want to go to that festival but got no-one to go with? Well, go anyways and probably have the time of your life. Yup – going to a festival alone is a great idea and I’m going to tell you why right here.

Before we do let’s just summarise a few things about festivals.

1. They’re pretty damn expensive

2. Everyone is in party mode, which usually means they’re friendly and receptive to strangers and…

3. There is a lot to do and see.

OK, so we’ve laid the groundwork for this article about why you should totally go to a festival alone, let’s take the plunge.

My backstory

A few years back, I ended up going to a Reading festival on my own. This was partly by design, as I was orginally supposed to go with my girlfriend of the time. When we split up, I sold the spare ticket (cos no-one else was available) and figured that, fuck it, I’ll go on my own.

And go alone I did.

How did it go?

Frankly, awesome. I met tons of people, partied with some beautiful people and even ended up in the tent of a very attractive young lady (it was on day two so I was stinky and smashed and neither of us got it together to do anything beyond koch, which was fine).

A few years later, I ended up at another festival solo. Actually, I did go with a mate, but he had just met a new girlfriend and they basically went and did stuff I didn’t want to do. So I ended up solo again.

And yes, that was also an awesome festival experience.

One more… OK sure. As a journo, I got invited on a press trip to a well known ski festival in France. I was with fellow journos, but technically on my own. For most gigs I was with someone from my group, but I went to one totally solo. Yes I had a press pass, so could do some back stage access, but actually this is still a valid reason to include this in the list of solo festivals I’ve done.

So with my backstory laid down, I’m gonna tell you exactly why going to a festival on your own is not to be feared, and actually be to be embraced.

1. Smiley happy people

At festivals, everyone is in party mode (as I said above) and so that means they’re all up for dancing and chatting with strangers. In short, it’s not hard to strike up conversation with randoms, have a laugh and even end up in a group of strangers, or even tacking on with another fellow solo festival go-er.

And yes, there are many solo festival goers.

In fact, going to a festival alone increases your chances of meeting cool people. It’s a bit like solo travel (which is very much seen as acceptable these days). Once you’re away from your own crew, you are more open to experiences and meeting people.

2. Lots of people go to festivals alone

If you go to a festival on your own, I guarantee you will not be the only person flying solo. There is actually a whole set of people who are happy to go to a festival solo precisely because they get to enjoy it their way.

It might be those press visitors, or it might be people who couldn’t shift their spare ticket.

Go to that festival on your own, chat to people, you never know who you might meet.

3. You follow your own schedule

Don’t wanna go and see that slightly lame band on the far side of the festival site. Well, you don’t have to. You can follow your own schedule, see exactly who you want to see and bail whenever you want to bail with no fear of peer pressure or following the herd.

And, on some days, if its a camping festival, you might wanna just chill in your tent. It happens. But… This is also where you might make friends with your neighbours, so don’t sweat it.

4. You can go full party animal

When you’re at a festival on your own, you don’t have to worry about anyone reporting back on you. So… Go full party mode!

If you want to let your hair down and dance for 9 straight hours, go you!

Heading to the after party in ‘the glen’ (or whatever its called at your festival)? Or maybe theres some random after party that you have been invited to back stage…

You can enjoy the rawest form of party animal you, which is solo you.

Honestly, its great fun.

5. A tent for one is much more comfy

Camping at festivals is, lets be honest here, a pain in the ass. It’s uncomfortable mostly, and your companion will probably pack too much crap that they didn’t need. Bring your own tent, make it yours, get comfy and – if you get the time to lie down – you’ll probably get better sleep.

No lying on their drone which they didn’t need to bring, or listening to them making out with a hippy in the porch of your tent for half the night. (You’ll get that from the neighbours anyway).

Your festival home from home is yours, and yours alone.

6. Do different stuff

You know at festivals there is tons of stuff, beyond just the music and getting mashed. There are all kinds of things like yoga workshops, drum circles, sweat lodges, naked wrestling (probably, although I did make this up).

When you go to a festival alone, you can try out something random and unexpected without your buddies complaining that they’ll miss the obscure 80s comeback from a band you DGAF about.

7. Love is in the air

If you’re in the mood for romance, it is so much easier when flying solo. Because you can basically talk to anyone, follow your nose and follow your own schedule, if you make a connection with a special someone, you can just go with it.

And, also, you’re not tied to anyone else if they make a connection. So if you’re mate wants to follow that hot girl/guy around, you don’t have to deal with that.

Again, you never know who you’re gonna meet.

8. Embrace your braver self

So you might have spotted that a recurring theme in this list is basically being unrestrained and doing what you want. Having this level of independence is actually great for your self-confidence and you become a bit braver for the fact that you’ve done something for yourself.

Much like solo travel, solo festival-ing is seen as scary and unknown, but once you go for it, there is no going back and… You’ll probably love it.

So yes. Go forth young party animal, and go to that festival alone! Thank me later.

Staying safe when going to a festival alone

Although going to a festival alone is tons of fun, and definitely something you’ll be glad you did, you do need to be safe. With no-one to watch your back, you just need to be a bit more careful about certain things.

1. Keep your stuff safe: Ideally take only the basics, such as your phone, bank card and a bit of cash. The more stuff you have to lose/get robbed, the more anxious you’ll be.

2. Be careful of weirdos: As a woman you’ll probably find this is especially true, but can apply to guys too. If you think someone is stalking you, acting weird around you or generally being a pest don’t be afraid to approach security. And if you can make friends with your tent neighbours, you’ll have people watching out for you too, which is always good.

3. Don’t get TOOO smashed: Partying is fun. And yes, we know, people do drugs at festivals. While we can’t say we condone that kinda thing 😉 we do recommend not going too crazy. The more out of control you are the more likely you are to get in trouble. Stay in control for your own safety – or at least in control enough to let your hair down.

4. Touch base with home (or someone): If you are going solo, let your family or friends know whats going on. It helps keep those who love you reassured, but is also useful in case you do go off the radar and end up living in a tree for the following months.

So there you have it…. Go to a festival alone and experience a whole new side to fun!

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

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Gesten Van Der Post

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