Farm Visits: Where To Cuddle A Pig in Devon

Farm Visits: Where To Cuddle A Pig in Devon
  • PublishedSeptember 9, 2021

One of the most popular days out for the family in Devon is to visit an animal sanctuary or farm. There are actually quite a few animal attractions in Devon, making it an easy choice. But the not so easy bit is choosing which one to visit.

Why visit a farm or petting zoo? Well, you can amuse the kids, cuddle a pig or a rabbit, and they’re normally good attractions even if the weather isn’t so good. Which, being Devon, is quite often.

And of course theres nothing like chowing down on a sausage roll after you’ve cuddled a pig. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Anyway, these are the best animal attractions in Devon for a family day out.

Pennywell Farm

It gets top marks from the Devon Tourism Awards, and actually it’s easy to see why. The farm is huge, with a big variety of animals. From goats and horses to micro pigs and hedghogs, Pennywell is a top quality family attraction.

At £12.95 for kids between 2-15, and £15.95 for bigger kids, it’s on a par with most other attractions on this list.

Pennywell Farm is huge, with a lot to see and do. So we strongly recommend arriving at the beginning of the opening slot. If you’ve got kids, they’ll be able to play on the multiple play apparatus and obviously cuddle a pig. And then eat a sausage roll. Sorry, that seems really weird to me but there you go…

Totnes Rare Breeds

More compact than Pennywell, but Totnes Rare Breeds packs a lot in. You can still cuddle a guinea pig or rabbit, feed the goats and alpacas and go aahhhh at the cute baby pigs. There are also owls, guinea fowl and a number of other animals which are more wild and less farm related.

Kids are £7 and adults £8.50 – and you’ll easily get a couple of hours here. You can also get combi tickets with the nearby steam railway and Dartmoor Otters & Buckfast Butterflies attractions which could make Totnes Rare Breeds a full family day out.

Occombe Farm

At the time of writing, Occombe farming is going through some redevelopment so isn’t currently open (September 2021). But it is scheduled to open in late 2021.

Therw will be the chance to explore nature trails, cuddle sheep or goats, as well as enjoy the play area for kids. Occombe Farm Shop is still open, so if you want artisan farm foods drop in and check them out.

Wooley Animals

Ever wanted to walk an alpaca? Or see the world’s cutest sheep, the Valais Blacknose? Well, Wooley Animals is where you need to head.

Kids can also marvel a the sheep, donkeys, ducks and chicks, ponies and, if you time your visit right, lambs.

Wooley Animals is probably the cheapest day out on this list, at £3.50 per person. If you want to do the alpaca walking you will need to book in advance though.

Check out their website for more details here.

Wild card: Greendale Farm Shop

On the road from Exeter to Sidmout you’ll probably spot this farm shop with an ostrich hanging out by the road. Greendale Farm shop itself is excellent, with a phenomenal selection of local produce, a cafe, and takeaway snacks too.

But it’s the animals on display out front, for free, which makes this worth a trip. There is the aforementioned ostrich, as well as pigs, alpacas, donkeys, even wallabies…!

As far as I know you can’t go a cuddle a pig or anything, but you can watch feeding time and even stoke the animals if they let you get close enough (which they usually do). And because it’s free it’s a good option, even if you do end up spending a fortune in the shop. A great little gem.

Any other must visit farm animal attraction in Devon? Let us know in the comments below.

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