Springtime in Devon: The Best Country Walks in the Region

Springtime in Devon: The Best Country Walks in the Region
  • PublishedFebruary 20, 2023

This spring, immerse yourself in natural beauty and explore the picturesque routes of Devon! From long drives to daring hikes, you’ll find an activity perfect for your interests. In this blog post, we will guide you through some remarkable views: from a scenic route around Bolberry Down to the gorgeous coastline to Dartmoor National Park’s rolling hills. Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Let us show you how breathtakingly beautiful Devon can be during Springtime.

So, what are our 7 Top Picks for Walks in Devon?

Dartmoor National Park

From ancient woodlands to open moorland and granite tors, Dartmoor National Park offers an incredible range of awe-inspiring landscapes for nature enthusiasts and hikers. Spanning a remarkable 450 square miles across Devon, the park provides walks that are suitable for all fitness abilities – take your pick! National parks don’t get better than this, magnificent views

1. Two Bridges Walk

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Dartmoor National Park with a 5.5-mile circular walk from Two Bridges Hotel! Along your picturesque route, you’ll feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous and diverse scenery in England; explore primeval forests, spectacular rivers and moorlands, as well as Widecombe-in-the-Moor village for stunning views. This is one excursion that will remain etched into your memory forever!

Embarking on this journey is sure to delight, as Wistman’s Wood – an old oaken grove with lush foliage and diverse wildlife – awaits. Moreover, the East Dart River beckons along your path; famed for its pristine waterway that harbours a plethora of trout and salmon. The Two Bridges Walk truly provides you with fantastic views of unspoilt beauty.

Details: Starts & Ends at Two Bridges Hotel, Moderate Walk, Roughly 5.5 miles.

2. Lustleigh Cleave

For those seeking a picturesque and tranquil escape, Lustleigh Cleave is the ideal destination. Nestled in Dartmoor National Park’s eastern part near the village of Lustleigh, this stunning wooded valley offers numerous walking trails that meander through ancient trees along the banks of River Bovey as well as up to rocky promontories overlooking its magnificent beauty. Perfect for nature lovers and ramblers alike, it promises an unforgettable journey into some of England’s most majestic landscapes!

The Hunter’s Tor is a spectacular route in Lustleigh Cleave, beginning and ending at the picturesque village of Lustleigh. As you make your way through lush oak woodlands and pass by sparkling streams and tumbling waterfalls, take a break to admire the dramatic views from atop Hunter’s Tor and Sharp Tor. This captivating walk will leave you with memories that last forever!

Details: Starts & Ends Lustleigh Trendlebere Car Park, Intermediate Walk, Roughly 7 Miles

3. Yarner Woods

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Yarner Woods, located in the southeast of Dartmoor National Park. Soak up beautiful views as you effortlessly stroll along the Woodpecker Trail – a 1.5-mile circular route suitable for everyone regardless of age and ability. Discover this stunning woodland area with its breathtaking countryside scenery!

The Woodpecker Trail is aptly named and a prime destination for bird watching – particularly the vibrant green and great spotted woodpeckers which can be heard loudly drumming on trees! This route also takes you through magnificent ancient woods, by tranquil streams, and into open sunny clearings where nature’s beauty abounds. Don’t miss this magical opportunity to explore all that the area has to offer and the chance to see rare bird species.

If you’re an experienced hiker or simply yearning for a tranquil amble in the forest, the Woodpecker Trail is the perfect opportunity to marvel at Yarner Woods and its surrounding landscape. This easy walk provides views of lush woodland along with a gently rolling countryside – it’s the perfect combination.

Details: Circular Route, Moderate Walk, roughly 1.5miles

4. Wooston Hill Fort

Ascend to the summit of Wooston Hill Fort and discover a breathtaking Iron Age fortification surrounded by stunning vistas in Devon, England. On top of its remarkable history, this site is also managed by the National Trust which provides visitors with an opportunity to explore nature while learning about local culture and heritage, making it a popular destination for outdoor adventurers as well as those looking for educational experiences!

Climb the majestic earthworks that encircle this ancient hill fort, and you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the River Teign and its surrounding landscapes. There are numerous paths to ascend the summit of this remarkable site, providing an unrivalled glimpse into our past.

Embark along the gorgeous 2.5-mile Wooston Castle Circular Walk that begins and ends at Fingle Bridge Inn. As you wander through lush forests and chirping streams, ascend to the top of Wooston Hill Fort where you can explore its relics while learning about its enthralling background.

Details: Start & Ends at Fingle Bridge Inn, Moderate Walk, Roughly 2.5miles

5. Holne Woods

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England by taking a stroll through Holne Woods. You’ll be able to bask in mesmerizing views along the banks of the River Dart while admiring lush greenery and picturesque vistas that will surely take your breath away! An alluring excursion, the Holne Woods Circular Walk is a stunning 2-mile route that commences and concludes at New Bridge’s car park operated by the National Trust.

As you traverse Holne Woods, you’ll find yourself amidst a plethora of life. Wildflowers put on an impressive show in the springtime, with their vibrant pigments and beguiling aroma. In addition to the diverse plant life, watch for various bird species, mammals, and bugs!

Details: Starts & Ends at New Bridge’s Car Park, Difficult Walk Dependent on Weather, Roughly 2 miles

East Lyn River

Exmoor National Park provides numerous picturesque trails along the East Lyn River; each boasting its own distinct charm and allure.

6. Watersmeet Circular Walk

Embark on the breathtaking 6-mile circular route that starts and ends at Watersmeet House, a charming 19th-century fishing lodge owned by National Trust. The mesmerising walk is lined with lush, wooded valleys, meandering banks of East Lyn River and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Yet what truly captures peoples’ hearts is its grand finale – Watersmeet Waterfall which cascades down a rocky gorge into an enchanting pool below. Whether you’re a travel blogger looking to capture some great shots or simply just looking for a walk with rich history, this route has it all.

Details: Starts & Ends at Watersmeet House, Challenging Walk, Roughly 6 miles

7. Lynmouth To Watersmeet

If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, the Lynmouth to Watersmeet Walk is precisely what you need. This pleasant 2.5-mile excursion begins in Lynmouth and follows the East Lyn River upstream all the way to Watersmeet. As you traverse through this ancient woodland paradise, be sure to keep your eyes open for wildlife – and don’t forget to take some time to appreciate these tranquil surroundings! This is a great Spring walk for dog walkers seeking some beautiful countryside to take their furry best friend!

Details: Start At Lynmouth, End at Watersmeet National Trust House & Café, roughly 2.5 miles

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