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King Charles Coronation Weekend: Whats on in Devon?

King Charles Coronation Weekend: Whats on in Devon?
  • PublishedMay 5, 2023

It’s a historic moment in our national history! The coronation of King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6th May, and will be streamed on TV throughout the day.

And of course, while watching on TV is great, you might also want to get involved with some of the great things happening across Devon for the Coronation.

We’ve summed up 11 of the most eyecatching events happening in the county, although there will also be lots of options for smaller street parties, picnics and other events.

So what is happening for the Kings Coronation in Devon?

Public Screenings of the Coronation Proceedings

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the coronation with your local community, there are several events across Devon. Town halls, community centres, and public squares will be hosting screenings of the coronation proceedings, so check your local notice board (or ask the neighbours).

Celebratory Picnic and Garden Party at Powderham Castle

The Coronation celebrations will be held at Powderham Castle, with a picnic and garden party open to all ages. There will be live music, food and drink stalls, lawn games and more.

Read more here.

Procession Through the Streets of Exeter

The procession will be led by marching bands and costumed performers, who will recreate historic reenactments from the coronation of King Charles III.

The procession will start at Exeter Cathedral and make its way through the city centre before returning to the cathedral for a service of thanksgiving.

Fireworks Display at Paignton Beach

The fireworks display at Paignton Beach is a must-see event for anyone who loves pyrotechnics. The show will be full of red, white and blue explosions that you can see from miles away.

The professional pyrotechnic displays are set to music by the Royal Marines Band Service and will take place on Saturday 3rd June 2019 between 8pm and 10pm.

Special Exhibit at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum will be hosting a special exhibit on the coronation of King Charles III. The exhibit will feature artifacts and memorabilia from past coronations, as well as displays of royal regalia.

Royal-Themed Storytelling Event for Children

In Plymouth, children will be able to take part in a royal-themed storytelling event at the Central Library. The storytellers will be telling traditional tales and there will be craft activities for them to enjoy as well.

Medieval Banquet at Totnes Castle

The Medieval Banquet at Totnes Castle is a celebration of the coronation of King Charles III. It’s a great event for people who love history, food and music.

The evening will feature period costumes, live music from a medieval band and dancing throughout the castle grounds. The menu includes roasted meats with all the trimmings as well as homemade pastries and desserts – all washed down with mead from local brewery Dartmoor Brewing Co!

Check out the full details here.

Charity Fundraiser at the Exeter Cathedral

The Exeter Cathedral will be hosting a charity fundraiser on the evening of May 19th, to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation. The event will include silent auction, live music performances and refreshments.

Historical Walking Tour of Exeter

A historical walking tour of Exeter will take you through the city’s historic centre and past sites associated with previous coronations, including:

  • The Guildhall, where Charles II was proclaimed king in 1660
  • Queen Street, where his brother James II was crowned in 1685 (and then deposed)
  • St David’s Cathedral, which hosted William III and Mary II’s coronation in 1689.

Family-Friendly Carnival at Barnstaple Fairgrounds

The coronation gets the full carnival treatment at Barnstable fairground. Head to Rock Park to enjoy the party, including:

  • Rides: fairground rides and a steam tractor!
  • Games: There will also be some popular carnival style games and soft play for kids.
  • Food stalls: You can grab some lunch from one of the many food stalls that will be present at this event. There will also be plenty of sweet treats for you to enjoy!
  • Live entertainment: There will be live music throughout the day by local bands

Read more here.

All in all there are plenty of things happening in Devon for the coronation of King Charles. Share your comments below and tag us on Twitter or Facebook!

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