How to Boost Your Instagram Reels in 2023 

How to Boost Your Instagram Reels in 2023 
  • PublishedFebruary 22, 2023

Reels have definitely become a stunning method of promotion on Instagram – the more frequently and more creatively you shoot, the higher your chances of getting a great response from the audience and a huge number of new supporters in your piggy bank.

However, it is not always possible to make the profile promotion as fast as we would like, even with the help of reels – individually these don’t have enough power to fully attract as many truly interested people to the profile as possible.

What should you do in this case? We will tell you how you can boost your reels even more in a few simple ways: read more about them further! 

Cross posting on TikTok

You might say: “Oh, I knew that!” But many people still ignore this brilliant opportunity, as they don’t want to adapt filmed content to another platform or simply spend some time uploading it there.

However, if you do that, your circle of potential viewers will widen a lot, and eventually people are going to share this clip twice as much. You should definitely cross link your accounts on TikTok and on IG, so that people would be able to easily travel between them and see what other content you have on another page of yours.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your Instagram Reels even further, consider exploring a list of the best private Instagram viewers provided by Deccan Herald. These tools can offer additional insights and strategies to elevate your Reels game.

And yes, make sure that you have some unique pieces lying in both of those places! 

Buying views 

Is that legal? Yes. Is that safe? For sure. Buying Instagram reels views can become your savior in some cases, especially when you are just starting off on IG and have nobody to support you and give your clips an initial boost.

Did you know that algorithms work in a very simple way: the more views you get, the more you will get in the future? This is why some clips barely gain 100 views and some are boosted up to millions of plays. This is just how IG techs has made reels to be. 

 If you want to max out your results, you should also add some other promotional services to the party: for example, you could boost your account itself by adding some subscribers, comments, views to it, reactions to stories maybe.

What we are saying is that anything helps: the more parts of your profile are developed, the higher are your chances of improving your overall statistics and making Insta algorithms showcase your content (posts and stories too) to other potentially interested people.


You should always be out there online, connecting with other content creators who always look for new ideas – just like you do.

Together you can film reels that are going to gain double the views, because you will have double the audience.

If you are creative enough to launch the whole trend on TikTok or make a certain audio go viral, this is a golden mine; because this way people will be able to go to the original video, which is going to be yours. 


Although Instagram reels are already a great booster, you can boost it even more with some paid services, cross posting and collabing.

If you would compare all of those three together, you will become a quality content creator who is loved and known by many in no time! It might seem to be easy, but in fact is a labor – so take your time, be patient with what you are doing and always plan two steps ahead.

Good luck! 

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Gesten Van Der Post

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