Top 6 Essential Traits Of A Good Intranet

Top 6 Essential Traits Of A Good Intranet
  • PublishedMarch 17, 2023

​As a company’s owner, you want to ensure you are using the latest technology and the best intranet software for your business. A good intranet means one which is fulfilling the needs of your business.

However, that’s not the only good trait; your intranet should also have other traits. Ultimately, you don’t want your intranet to be a web page that your employees hardly use.

You should wish for an intranet that successfully manages effective employee communication and collaboration. If this is your end goal, here is what you need to know.

1. Easy To Use

To create an effective intranet, it is essential first to understand the needs and wants of your employees. Ask employees about the challenges they face in everyday communication and collaboration.

A good intranet should have an easy-to-use interface to quickly engage employees and meet their requirements. For example, you can keep a forum and discussion button on the homepage to ask employees about their personal goals and what they expect from the company.  

Engaged employees feel heard in the organisation and constantly strive to perform better. A survey shows that happy and motivated employees result in higher profits for the company.

2. Search

Having a good search feature on an intranet is essential for an organisation’s success. A good search feature allows users to quickly and easily find the information they seek, saving them time and improving productivity. It also reduces the need for external information sources, helping to keep critical data secure.

Furthermore, having a good search feature on an intranet improves overall user experience. This can result in better engagement with the intranet, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce. 

3. Strategic Planning

Good planning always begins with understanding the needs of the users. You must know employees’ requirements to create a user-friendly and relevant intranet platform. Furthermore, strategic intranet planning means setting up a system where users can provide feedback.

Overall, good planning means understanding user needs, developing a strategy, mapping out the security and access details, and setting up a system for maintenance and support.

4. Collaborative And Social

One primary use of the intranet is to provide effective collaboration between employees. The intranet should be designed so employees can easily collaborate on tasks, share reminders, documents and files, create forums and discussion boards, and track and monitor progress.

Additionally, the intranet should include social tabs to achieve effective collaboration. For example, your online intranet can include a dedicated page to help employees share their work-related posts or another page with a discreet chat option where employees can have some informal chat along with work. 

5. Secure And Private

The employees of an organisation use the intranet to access information. Much of this information can be confidential and sensitive to a company. That’s why the intranet has to be secure and private.

The data should be encrypted, and the intranet platform should have control features so that the information is always in the right hands. 

6. Flexible And Customizable

In the modern era, businesses are all about evolution. There are continuous technological changes, and new resources and tools keep evolving.

In such a fast-evolving scenario, your intranet should have the ability to be customised and upgraded whenever required. For example, if tomorrow you want to add a document handling tab, or let’s say your content requirements increase, your intranet should also have the capacity to include other features.

Final Words

While these are generally the essential traits of a good intranet, it also depends on your company’s individual needs.

It’s always a good idea to consult an experienced intranet company that can better understand what features should be included in the intranet to maximise its efficiency.

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Gesten Van Der Post

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