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Inspirational Date Night Outfit Ideas For Women

  • PublishedJanuary 27, 2022

Do you have a hot date lined up and nothing to wear? Struggling to think of an outfit for date night? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your date, the joy of being a woman is there are so many outfit options you can go with. You can be the sexy singleton or cute girlfriend that you’d always imagined being but had never quite perfected the look.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, your figure or any other physical factors. With some inspiration, our date night outfit suggestions will get you turning heads and maybe even get you a second date (unless you’re on a date with your partner, in which case they’ll be proud to be seen with you).

Let’s check out some of the best date night outfit ideas.

The little black dress

A little black dress (LBD) is perfect for going on a date

It’s often said that when you’re in doubt, slipping on a little black dress always does the trick. Being both simple and striking, black dresses are easy to match with accessories including jewellery, bags, and shoes.

If you’re going on a first date, it’s advised that you don’t wear a dress that is too revealing or too short, yet equally, it shouldn’t be too buttoned to the neck. You might want to portray yourself in a fun and flirty way, but also with a hint of elegance and luxury too.

Black and red colours are often associated with romance and desire, which will perhaps make yourself seem more attractive to your date. Black is often the most common colour that people wear on first dates as, whilst being a safe option, it can also make you appear more stylish.

Since dating is all about being confident in yourself, having a little black dress to help you show yourself off could be a good choice, especially in formal settings. 

Jeans and a strappy vest

Sometimes, keeping things simple with jeans and a vest or stylish top is a safe option, but also an effective way to go. Wearing a few pieces that you have already worn and know you are comfortable wearing is a wise choice, especially as this will stop you encountering any added discomfort on the date such as your skirt riding up too high or your jumper being incredibly itchy.

It’s always best to go for simple yet attractive pieces that have worked well for you in the past. Furthermore, a blouse and smart jeans can work for many different date occasions, whether this is at the cinema, in a café, in a regular restaurant, or doing a fun activity such as bowling. Another great thing about this outfit choice is that the budget can vary for it, making it both affordable and eye-catching.

Skirt and heels combo

Let’s be honest, nothing turns heads like a good skirt and heels combination. If you’re looking to dress to impress with your date night outfit, an above the knee skirt with a pair of stylish heels will definitely do the trick.

Again, there is a fine art to getting this right and riding the line between sexy and a-bit-too-much. A short skirt works wonders, but try to keep it so you can cross your legs without exposing yourself. Mid-length short skirts look great on pretty much everyone. And whatever your figure, a pair of heels can really make any outfit.

Talking of heels…

Heels or flats?

Although the trend for wearing heels has definitely declined in recent years, there is a time and a place for them.

Arguably, a date night outfit is made for wearing heels. This doesn’t mean you have to put on super high stilettos, but even a little heel can make a big difference to your outfit.

If you’re trying to impress your date, heels do accentuate the tone of your legs as well as change your posture and make your bum more prominent. Lots of good reasons to wear heels there. So if you’re on a date in town or somewhere easy to walk, heels are definitely worth popping on.

Wearing a pair of pumps, cool trainers or simply stylish flat-heeled shoes is also very much the norm for women’s date night outfits these days. For example, jeans and a top with a pair of pumps will look great. Or a summer skirt with slip on sandals also looks fabulous. If you’re on a date and you want to wear a sexy outfit during the winter, you might be mostly hopping in taxis anyway, so why not throw on a pair of heels!

And, obviously, if you’re on a date in the country, you’re definitely going to want to avoid wearing heels.

How to accessorise

Accessorising is often key to completing a look, and this can be especially true on date nights. The first rule to go buy would be to accessorise with items that make you feel both comfortable and confident. Confidence can scream attraction, after all. Be mindful to match your shoe and bag colour to your outfit, allowing you to appear more fashionable and desirable. This can often be easier if you opt for the colour black.

In terms of jewellery, if you like adding items that shimmer and sparkle to your outfit, then make sure each piece allows your personality to shine – don’t wear something that you wouldn’t normally wear – you’re showing off you, after all. Sometimes, choosing just one or two of your favourite pieces can help portray the real you in the simplest way possible. This may even be able to trigger a conversation if your jewellery piece is particularly meaningful or intriguing. Additionally, keep the date venue in mind when picking out jewellery. You might look a little out of place with fancy jewellery on a casual picnic date, although this type of item would work well in a classy restaurant. Read the room and match yourself to the atmosphere whilst allowing yourself to stand out at the same time!


Another thing that is recommended to keep simple is makeup. Again, match yourself to the venue – people normally don’t wear huge amounts of makeup to visit a café, so you shouldn’t be doing this on a café date. Try to aim to look like what you would normally look like when going to a particular venue – after all, it’s better to embrace the true you and give your date a feel for what you’re really like on a daily basis. Opting for a glam look can make you attractive, but a natural makeup look can sometimes make you seem more trustworthy and more confident.

Hopefully, these few tips will have given you an idea on your next date night outfit! You can be sexy or cute depending on what look you are opting for, but the most important thing is to be yourself!

Date night outfits online

Ready to pass on Primark? Had enough of H&M? It can be hard finding good places to buy quality date night outfits online. But there are lots of great stores on the internet where you can find some stunning dresses, skirts, shoes and more.

FemmeLuxe is one of our new faves for date night outfit ideas. They have loads of choice from slinky dresses, to cool lounge wear or sexy underwear. They’re similar to popular online clothing stores like BooHoo or Pretty Little Thing – check ’em out.

Shein is also very popular, although outfits take a while to arrive as they are shipped from China. However, their prices are super low and the quality is decent. If you need to return them it can be a problem though.

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