Yup, pop it in your diaries. Get the date tattoo’d on your chubby ankles. Tell all your friends via a spammy as fuck WhatsApp group or whatever… Today is the day that the Devon Herald launched.

What’s that you say? Isn’t there a newspaper in Devon called the Herald, already?

Yes, ahem. Let’s not talk about that.

This is not going to be *that* kind of news magazine. No random news stories about ASBO janners being, well… Asbo janners. No articles about ANOTHER crash on the A38 that has basically cut the Westcountry off from the world.

Oh no.

This is going to be much more interesting.

There will be all kinds of fun things, like er, well… Fun? Reviews? Opinions? Recipes maybe? Maybe some nice pictures. Fuck, who knows really.

One thing is for sure, it’ll be a shit load better than another Devon based Live publication.

Well worth getting tattoo’d for.

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